16 Advantages of Content Planning

There are advantages to having a content planContent is key.  You know it, I know it.  So often bloggers fly by the seat of their pants where written content is concerned.  In the rush to handle other aspects of the business, bloggers sometimes let the deliberate planning of well-thought out content go by the wayside, instead focusing on whatever is trending, whatever is on your mind, whatever sounds like a good choice to write. Creating a content plan – a written roadmap for the content you expect to develop over the next few days, weeks and months – has quite a few advantages.

So, what’s in a content plan?  Everything.  Use a spreadsheet to track blog topics (tags / categories), titles, contributors, interviewees, sources, blog ideas, submission dates for editing, actual date the content posted to the site, projected timeline of ideas and themes, links used, books and products referenced, media utilized (videos, images, mp3s, etc.).  Ideally your content plan should help you to locate most anything of relevance that would distinguish one blog post from another.

Content plans can be a big help in staying on top of things as you find more and more efficient ways to manage more and more content.  Here are 16 great things about content planning:

1.  Organization.  Content planning helps keep you and your team organized.

2. Planning your content helps you write more succinctly which is a huge time saver.

3. Content planning gives you and your team a jumpstart on researching and subconsciously thinking about the topics you’ll cover.

4. You can guard against redundancy when you use a content calendar.

5. You can more easily track scheduled changes to the site when you have a plan already in place.

6. The vision for the blog moves from your head to a physical and/or digital calendar making it wholly executable in your absence.

7. Project managers live by calendars and plans. With your content plan on a spreadsheet, you can hire one!

8. Planning your content will inevitably result in a marked improvement in the quality of the content you provide.

9. You can better control the flow of information and stick to themes.

10. Every bit of information you want to present gets an official delivery date.

11. Content planning is more conducive to idea sharing. Get great ideas for posts by looking at what you have written and identifying any information gaps.

12. Citing and sourcing becomes a bit easier when you have a spreadsheet detailing what you’ve posted, the media you used and a link to your sources.

13. Content planning helps you to identify niches.  After a while, you will find that you write more frequently on certain aspects of your field of expertise.  This will help you to pinpoint your niche.

14. You never have to get behind again.

15. Accountability!!!!

16. Never lose a good idea for a post again.

So, do YOU plan your content?  Leave a comment below!

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10 thoughts on “16 Advantages of Content Planning

  1. Marlo

    As of Google updates, CONTENT is still the King. It’s really vital to research and study well before posting a topic and to do this, planning is really important. Thanks for citing the benefits, you’ve laid out great points in writing. So true, if posting regularly valuable post keeps your audience with you and you are building your reputation online.

  2. qdb

    Not all of by blog posts are planned, but some are. In my opinion a carefully planned content is better, quality wise. So I do take the time to plan ahead a series of articles once in a while

  3. Kael23

    While I really appreciate the effort you have put in to explain something people don’t usually touch upon, I personally did not find it very useful. I do a lot of content writing for websites myself and the only technique I find useful is the content inventory technique you pointed out.

  4. Charmaine

    Planning ahead brings you the satisfaction of accomplishing a purpose, especially if its something that in the long run you know you will enjoy. Other people will take you more seriously if they see you focused and driven to your goals. Opportunities and doors will open for you because you are firm in your decision. Most people are willing to help someone if they know that person is on the right path to success.

  5. HP van Duuren

    I do think that Content Planning is especially practical when you work on a blog with a group of people.

    ‘Btw. I like the idea
    to use a Spread Sheet, for
    putting in Titles for
    Blogpost Ideas.’

    For what my own Content Planning is concerned, currently I don’t usually use a specific planning, I also like to keep it flexible to be able to write Replies on Comments I get on my Blog(s)

    I just enjoy writing about things that I know, and as you can see in a recent post, those posts on my blog are the most popular.

  6. Julie

    Great article, it contains many useful informations. Content planning must be the an important part of scheduling the work, it is necessary just like a good business plan. At the beginning, I haven’t made any plans for my posts, but I’ve realized that it can make the work more professional.

  7. Sorilbran

    I do both myself. Particularly when working with others, I prefer using a spreadsheet. It beats going through blog posts to figure out what was posted and how long ago it was posted.

    On the other hand when I’m ranting, venting, or writing on a trending topic… well, you can’t plan surprises, can you? -Sorilbran

  8. HP van Duuren

    I do think that sometimes – especially when you have a lot to say about a certain topic – it can help to break such a topic into a Part 1, 2, 3 etc. and make it into a Series.

    For example I already got several replies on my What Makes a Home Business a – Happy – One? post with Comments about:

    ‘The facination for
    way’s of Expressing, about
    being Fun and
    Enjoyable to read
    etc. etc.’

    That way I might get Inspiration and New Ideas for a Series and Drill Down into the Topic.

  9. Sorilbran

    Something that helps me with maintaining accountability with my blog, Girl Re-Imagined is whenever I post an article, I add a note about the topic and date of the next post. That way I have to stick to it or get my pride wounded. Works for me.


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