3 Simple Things to Remember About Your Content Strategy

3 Simple Things to Remember About Your Content StrategyIf there’s one thing we now have plenty of it is content. Whether good or bad, most of us are exposed to someone’s content on a daily basis and if your job is anything like mine, you’re feeding on content sometimes for hours a day.  For bloggers, a good portion of your day may be spent creating content.  Planning what content you will present to your readers is an essential part of developing the direction and voice for your blog.

One of your primary goals in creating content for publication should delivering content that is both relevant and useful. It’s sometimes referred to as value added – the value your content adds to the lives of the reader. I think at this point, it is common sense to assume your content should be something that people want to read.  It is something people are looking to find.

There are three things I like to remember about blog content. 

#1 – The first is that everything on your blog is content.  From the text you write to the tags you choose, from the buttons and links on the site to the architecture and design of the site.  If you’ve ever landed on someone’s site and found it fun to look at but impossible to navigate you understand how important the design of a site can be.  Tools like the search function, tags and categories, images and media are essential in telling the reader precisely what your blog, and subsequently your business, is all about.

#2 – Speaking of, your content should reflect your business consistently.  If your blog is part of a site that showcases LEED-certified snarfblats then your blog should reflect that sentiment.   Steer clear of ambiguous content that leaves any room at all for guessing what you and/or your organization are all about.  Stay on-task and monitor trending topics.  You want your blog content to support meaningful experiences for users.

Blueway.ca screen shot

Very little confusion about the focus of Blueway.ca

#3 – Planning helps. Be deliberate. Remember as a blogger, you’re managing an ever-increasing inventory of content.  It helps to develop a calendar of the content you plan to create – whether for one month or one year.  Planning your content helps you to streamline your company’s messages.  It also saves you from inundating readers with frequent occurrences of the same content and keeps you from creating content as an afterthought. Schedule your topics and themes. Include a chart of product mentions, books references and trending topics.

 At its core, the content of your blog is designed to connect your audience to your business or product.  Defining precisely how your content will do that ultimately determines the success (i.e. effectiveness) of your blog.

Share your thoughts below.

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6 thoughts on “3 Simple Things to Remember About Your Content Strategy

  1. Tushar

    i am impressed with the #1.
    pretty obviously, everything on my blog is content and i need to take special care of this because the saying says- content is king

  2. Brian D. Hawkins

    Great content points Sorilbran. I use the free plugin WordPress Editorial Calendar to regulate post frequency. It’s especially useful when scheduling guest posts.

  3. Dan Keller

    Good advice, especially about the planning part. In fact, I have spent the last few days coming up with individual content and business plans for each of my blogs as we enter the new year.

  4. Dave Lucas

    I’m always as DELIBERATE as can be – but honestly, sometimes “throwaway” posts that I’ll churn out just because I didn’t publish for a few days sometimes turn out attracting a massive number of visitors! Go Figure!

    Happy New Year!

  5. HP van Duuren

    Thanks for your post Sorilbran,

    It’s a good thing to think about Content Strategy and to have some kind of Consistancy on a Blog…,

    On my - Home Business Lifestyle - Blog, when I also look at Other things on my Blog, like for example my Most Popular posts (as you talk about in #1), in those posts I see things about using a White Board and things like working with a Success Journal and Scheduling your own Time and using a Laptop Profitibly with a ‘Laptop Lifestyle’.

    Thanks for bringing this up because since I discovered that on my Blog besides Tips you can also find actual ‘Tools’ I do think that’s also something that I need to Communicate in the By-line near the top of my Blog!

  6. Tushar

    How we can boost the ranking of a specific keyword in the Google? I have a post on my website which is completely related to the the content marketing. But from the date of posting it doesnt received a sinle traffic from google.


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