Traffic Tuesday – 5 Plugins To Get More Traffic

Traffic Tuesday!

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There are many plugins you can use for your blog that add functionality to help you in these two areas but in this post I wanted to focus on 5 of my favorite traffic getting plugins that I’ve gotten the best results from.

When talking about getting traffic to your blog you can break it up into two categories.

1. New Visitors

- Someone that has never been to your site before.

2. Returning Visitors

- People that have been to your site before and either subscribed, bookmarked, searched or otherwise found their way back to your site.

Plugins to Get New Visitors:

All in one SEO pack

Search engine traffic from sites like google, yahoo and bing can be a significant source of new visits to your site. It’s not uncommon for 50 to 80% of a sites traffic to come from incoming searches. While WordPress has come a long way in its last few updates to increase SEO (search engine optimization) there are still many things it’s missing. This plugin covers those gaps. All in one SEO pack is a great plugin that adds extra SEO features to your site. It helps the search engines to better crawl and index your site based on the keywords you’ve chosen for your niche. It has both site wide settings and individual post/page settings that make it easy to optimize each page of your site for maximum results. This is one of the first plugins I install when setting up a new blog.

Tweet Old Post

Twitter is huge. There’s just no getting around it. When a site can pass the *Grandma Test you know its got a lot of users. When someone tweets one of your posts that link goes out to everyone that follows them. With some members having thousands or even tens of thousands of followers the potential is limitless. Even just one tweet by the right person can turn into a mass of traffic that builds on itself as that persons followers then tweet and re-tweet your link. Tweet Old Post ties into the power of twitter by automatically sending tweets with links to your old posts to your twitter account. Think of it this way: You spent a lot of time creating your content and its good so there’s no reason it should be buried away in the archives where no one can find it. By tweeting out links to your older posts you’re giving them the exposure they deserve.

*The Grandma Test is when my Grandmother knows what a website is and how to use it. Similar to the Mom test but without needing to be first mentioned on Oprah.

Plugins to Get Return Visitors:

Thank Me Later

Getting traffic to your site can be a lot of work and once they get there you’ve got to keep them interested enough to read your content. Then after the visitor’s gone that far and heard your message the last thing you want them to do is just close the tab and leave. So you try to engage them and hope they’ll say something or start a conversation in the comments thread. But what comes next?

First of all,  if you’ve gotten them that far then congratulations, you’re well on your way to having a very successful blog. However there’s no reason it should end there. Thank Me Later is a simple yet powerful plugin that automatically sends the commenter an email thanking them for their comment. It also gives you a chance to tell them any other information you think they might need like links to your products or social networks. Thank Me Later can also act as an autoresponder to send a series of messages spread out over a few days to the commenter. Using this plugin can be a great way to get someone that’s already proven they’re interested enough to leave a comment to continue coming back to your site over and over.


Subscribe to Comments

Have you ever left a comment on a blog and then had to try to book mark that page or keep coming back to check and see if anyone replied? Or maybe you forgot about it all together and never found out if your question had been answered? Well thanks to the Subscribe to Comments plugin your readers and commenters won’t have to deal with that. This plugin gives commenters the option to be notified via email of any replies to their comment. This is one of my favorite plugins of all time both as a site owner and a commenter on other peoples sites that use it. This plugin brings your most valuable visitors (the ones that read and engage with you on your blog) back to your site for more. Its an absolute must have if you plan on doing any kind of interaction with your readers via the wordpress commenting platform.


Getting Both New and Return Visits:

This last plugin, sharebar does a bit of both. By letting visitors tweet, like, mail, digg, stumble, etc… your post they’ll be helping spread the word about your site while at the same time bookmarking it for a later visit.


Sharebar lets you add a sliding vertical set of sharing buttons to your posts and pages. It’s got lots of options and is very customizable to fit with your sites design. It even lets you add your own code in for any sites you want to use that they might of missed. This is a quick and easy way to add an eye catching easy to use set of social sharing buttons to your posts.

Ok, That’s it for this weeks edition of traffic Tuesday. Sorry it was a bit late today, I wanted to write on a different topic but it ended up taking too long so that one will have to wait for another week. It’s a good one though and will be worth the wait. :)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these plugins, recommdations for alternatives, questions about them or anything else. Just drop a note in the comments and I’ll reply as soon as possible!


About Josh F.

Josh is an online marketer and co-founder of With a passion for affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO, copy writing and product creation he was able to trade the "cubical lifestyle" for the "internet lifestyle" in early 2008 and hasn't looked back since. When not online Josh likes to travel and have adventures.

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9 thoughts on “Traffic Tuesday – 5 Plugins To Get More Traffic

  1. Jass

    Thanks for sharing these cool awesome plugin I was searching for good Subscribe to Comments plugin and got it here that will be cool for my readers and commentators.

  2. Anna

    I did not realize that the “thank you for your comment” e-mail was sent out by a plugin! :o

  3. keith

    Good review of the wp plugins. I always use all in one seo pack, one of my favorite seo plugin. The sharebar plugin looks more simple than the one i am using.

  4. Nika @ Buy Followers on Twitter

    Thanks for sharing Josh! I haven’t tried the Thank Me Letter plugin, and thanks for enlightening me to use this plugin. Readers would really appreciate if their comments are heard, they’ll feel more special. In return, they will be returning and somehow be subscribing for your posts and even sharing them. Thanks :)


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