5 Things You Need To Pay Attention To In Order To Stay In Googles Good Graces

Serious Internet marketers know that whenever they are trying to optimize their websites to receive high rankings in search engines, they need to be aware of what the search engines want. There are a lot of marketers who focus only on certain things, while completely ignoring others. But did you know that ignoring some of the more important parts of search engine optimization can lead to you falling out of Google’s good graces?

This doesn’t have to happen, especially when paying attention to what Google likes is so simple. Here are five things you can pay attention to in order to get you started.

Being overly obsessive about keyword stuffing

A lot of Internet marketers and other people who are trying to create high ranking websites have fallen into a deadly trap. This deadly trap is believing that if they stuff their websites with a bunch of different keywords it is going to be easy for them to get high rankings. Usually they focus most of their efforts on the headline.

Now I will say it is important to have your main keyword phrase in the headline, but seeing as how the headline has been abused so much, major search engines don’t put serious weight into it like they did in the past.

Using keyword differentiation

When people create websites, their primary focus should be creating pages that are reader friendly. Not only is creating a reader friendly page going to help maintain people on your website, but it is also going to help naturally with search engine optimization. I am referring to the way you segment the individual parts of your webpages or content.

Users must be able to immediately find the information they are looking for based on the subheadings you use. But when it comes to the keyword phrases you are using, it is a good idea to differentiate them in order to avoid keyword stuffing.

Condensing the words and subheadings

Did you know that Google assigns a certain percentage of relevancy to every individual word in a subheading? What this means is whenever you create a piece of content with subheadings, Google is going to assume each word has some sort of meaning for the content that is to follow. So in order to stay in Googles good graces it is a good idea to condense the words.

Limiting the number of the words you use to connect your main keyword phrases does this. At the same time you still want to mix things up a bit by using variations of those keywords.

Staying away from keyword density tricks

I’m sure you have heard that there is a certain percentage of keyword density that search engines like Google favors. At first it makes sense, after all you would think using a keyword a certain number of times would mean your content is obviously related to that term. What happens, is it becomes obvious you are trying to get attention for that particular keyword phrase.

Major search engines like Google see practices like this as being black hat. You usually end up hurting yourself more by focusing on density rather than focusing on the value of the content you are providing.

Write for people and not for search engines

It’s a good idea to focus on your keyword phrases, but only to a small degree. Google wants to provide quality content to its readers based on the search phrases they type in. But it is a good idea for you to focus on the quality of your content rather than individual search phrases. When you do this you will help your cause greatly.

There are too many people that string together long tails in their content exactly as is. What do you believe happens when Google sees this? It is obvious you are trying to rank for a long tail, in some cases it will be natural while in others it will be seen as being unnatural.

Serious Internet marketers and bloggers are always going to be looking for ways to stay on top of the rankings in major search engines such as Google. It is important not to focus too much on any one area because this is a sure fire way to end up falling short of your expectations. Major search engines such as Google really aren’t all that hard to figure out.

Their number one goal is to bring their readers the most relevant content, based on relevant search phrases. As long as you write like you’re writing for humans rather than search engines you’ll be surprised at how things will naturally fall into place for your website.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things You Need To Pay Attention To In Order To Stay In Googles Good Graces

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  2. Francesca

    Very useful tips. I especially agree on the last one (write for people and not for search engines.)

    Ultimately, it’ll come down to being genuine in producing content. Sure, thinking about putting in just the right amount of keywords in the right places wouldn’t hurt, but I believe that it’ll flow naturally in the article if the person writing it is genuinely doing it to produce quality content. Google’s algorithms are pretty smart (most of the time, anyway) and one misstep can trigger the search giant to banish a website to the Timbuktu of search results (say, Page 20?)


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