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ProfitBlog.com was created to help those who are interested in making money online.  It is the collaborative effort of professional bloggers as well as internet marketers with the goal of creating an informational and instructional community devoted to helping online entrepreneurs as a whole. Whether you’re brand new to internet marketing, have been working online for a long time, or are just interested in starting your own website, ProfitBlog.com is a great place to learn from the best.

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  • Regular, up to date articles and information on internet marketing / blogging.
  • Tips and tutorials on how to become a better marketer / blogger.
  • Interviews with successful internet marketers & bloggers.
  • Guest posts written by both professional bloggers and internet marketers.
  • Resources and tools to help you take your online efforts to the next level.

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So who is the guy behind ProfitBlog??

Josh PrechtI’m glad you asked 🙂

I’m Josh. I’m happily married and have the greatest daughter that anyone could ever ask for. Oh yeah, I make my living online.

But more importantly, I’m just like you. I still have bills that need to be paid, a family to provide for, and a mortgage to pay, and so on.

I like to work hard but play even harder. Whether that’s golfing or going to the lake in the summer or playing hockey and snowboarding in the winter. And I get to do all of those things on my schedule, not my bosses schedule or a vacation schedule.

If I feel like taking off in the middle of the day to play a round of golf, that’s what I do.

If I want to take my daughter to the zoo on a Monday afternoon, I can.

I don’t have to answer to anyone. Well…maybe my wife 😉

The point is this… I’m able to do all of those things, when I want, as the result of building a successful online business.

And you can do it too.

But it wasn’t always like this.

I first started to try and make money online a little over 10 years ago. I had heard that Google had just rolled out a new online advertising program where website owners could get paid by having these small text ads displayed on their sites, and that some people were making a killing with it.

I was enthralled with the potential of making money online, but I had no idea how to do any of it. I had to teach myself just about everything I now know about how to run an online business.

And I did all of this while working a full time job and going to college part time.

I tried a ton of different stuff to make money online, some worked but most didn’t. And what did work only did so for a short time. Not anything to quit my job over, that’s for sure.

Little by little, I started to figure out how this whole internet marketing thing worked, and here I am today. Happily working for myself and teaching you how to do the same.

Why Setup This Blog?

It became abundantly clear to me after checking out many forums and popular internet marketing blogs that there is a ton of misinformation being spread around.

A lot of the advice I’ve seen is purely driven by how much commission the product they are talking about can make for them without actually having any real experience with the product.

I want to change that.

Every product that we recommend or review on this site is something that we’ve personally used.

We decided to set this blog up to share our knowledge and to provide high quality advice and tutorials to those who need it.

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ProfitBlog.com is a community where passionate internet marketers and bloggers come together to share useful tips, resources, and experiences with one another with the hopes of helping the online community as a whole.  We welcome you to become part of our ever-growing community of online entrepreneurs, and share your experiences with all of us!  Everyone has a unique perspective on life as well  as with internet marketing and blogging.  ProfitBlog.com is dedicated to helping fellow online marketers grow through community support!  If you have something you’d like to share  with the rest of us, we’d love to have you on board!

Simply submit your guest post application here:  http://www.profitblog.com/guest-bloggers-wanted/ , because without you, we wouldn’t have become the growing community we have today!

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