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This site is targeted to those interested in blogging, internet marketing, SEO, Link Building, Social Media, Making Money Online and more.

Around 47% of the audience is from the USA, 5% from the UK, 5% from India, 4% Canada, and 3% Australia. The remaining percentage come from around the world.

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Traffic Statistics

The blog is constantly growing and with new content being added on a regular basis, it will continue to grow. You can view the live traffic statistics from the past 45 days below. These stats are updated automatically everyday.


Unique Pageviews

Time On Site

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Ad Zone Breakdown

Header 728×90 Banner

This is a leaderboard sized banner that appears in the header area on all pages of the site.

This slot will rotate your banner with 4 others

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Below Post 728×90 Banner

This is another leaderboard size banner that appears at the end of every blog post. These banners attract the most attention and clicks.

This slot will rotate your banner with 4 others.

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Sidebar 125×125 Banner

The sidebar is made up of 4 125×125 square button sized banners.

There are only ever 8 banners in rotation at any one time.

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Sponsored Blog Post

This is the ultimate advertising option on the blog.

We will personally write a post about your product or service.

We will provide an honest and upfront review of your product/service and where possible deliver transparent case study results of how it performed in a live case study.

These posts will use our affiliate links where possible and the post will be labeled as sponsored to be transparent with our audience. All links are set to be nofollow.

If you are willing to offer prizes for a competition or an exclusive discount, the sponsored messaging can be removed. This will also provide additional exposure to your product/service as well as a burst of sales.

Please be aware that if your product/service performs poorly, our review will reflect that and no refunds are provided. Our readers rely on our upfront, no BS transparency. This will remain true, even if it is a sponsored post.

Please contact us to discuss this prior to ordering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about advertising on the blog, please read the FAQs below before contacting us.

How Does It Work?

The advertising is completely self-service. You can buy advertising and submit your banner for approval using this page.

Each banner is manually reviewed before going live to not only protect the integrity of the blog but also to ensure that our audience is right for you.

What Can I Advertise?

You can advertise just about anything you like, within reason. It’s best to advertise something that is somewhat related to Blogging & Internet Marketing to get the best results. reserves the right to reject and refund any advertiser.

Can I Use Affiliate Links?

Sure! Feel free to submit banners for products using your affiliate links.

How Many Banners Are In Rotation?

That is entirely dependent on the ad zone that your choose. Please see the ad zone break down for full details.

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