Advice That Will Help Prevent You From Being Labeled A Forum Spammer

If you go to certain forums on the Internet you will notice right away that they are basically graveyards. There are not too many posts in those forums. You usually will see that no thread has been bumped up for some time, usually in months. You will see that at any given time there are only one or two people on that forum, one of those people would be you. Lastly, you will notice that most of the posts have very few replies. Why do you think this is?

One of the main reasons is because that forum has been killed and laid to rest. The reason why is because there are so many spammy links on the forum that Google punished it. The moderator let anything and everything through and now it is not moderated at all anymore.

The bones in this forum graveyard represent spammy backlinks left from marketers who did not respect the forum. You do not want to contribute to this do you, then here are some way to prevent from becoming a forum spammer.

Read the forum policies

When you visit any forum there is going to be a list of forum policies for you to read before you even join. This policy is usually going to come in the forum of a sticky thread that is easy to find. Read the policy and make sure you do all you can to follow it. If you read this policy and follow it you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Also, a lot of forums do not have moderators. If you do not follow the rules you will make it bad for everyone.

Do not place spammy links

You know whenever I visit certain forums where it is obvious it is a throwaway I am surprised at all of the longtail keywords I see in anchor text as backlinks. I know right away that this forum is not regarded highly by Google, and for the most part leaving a backlink here is not going to help my site or help me to get traffic. If you come across a forum that seems to be loose regarding backlinks, do not spam the forum because it will not help you.

Use backlinks only in your signature

There are some forums that will let you leave a backlink in your profile, and then there are others that will let you leave a backlink in what is called a signature. This signature is what goes at the bottom of your posts and everyone will be able to see it if you choose. Make sure this backlink looks natural, and that it does not lead to a bad source. Simply leaving a backlink on a forum that links back to a bad place can really hurt the overall integrity of the forum.

Post in the right community

Sometimes would be marketers do not care where they leave a backlink as long as they can leave one. There have been times where I have come across certain forums that had a backlink on them that was completely unrelated to what the subject of the forum was. I knew that if this backlink was allowed to be left there then the forum could not be all that good. If you want to avoid being labeled a forum spammer please make sure to leave backlinks only on relevant forums.

Leave good posts

One sure sign of a spammer is one who will leave very quick and short posts. All they are trying to do is get their signature or backlink see as many times as possible. The problem is these types of people usually get figured out really soon. If the forum is high quality then your account will end up being removed and so will all the posts you left. It does not pay to go about things this way. So make sure you leave posts that actually contribute something to the forum in order to gain a backlink.

If you are labeled a forum spammer it is probably because you made the mistake of trying to get value from the forum before you contributed any. People also do not like those who threaten to put their forum in the category of what I mentioned at the beginning of this article. If someone does not moderate the forum then the community usually moderates it. Do not spam forums with your backlinks; contribute in order to get value in return.

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