Are Guest Posts a Good Way to Get Backlinks?

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Post Panda update, Guest posting has become a favorite method for bloggers to get back-links. Nearly everywhere you go on the Internet, its the same message these days – Do guest posting on similar blogs in your niche with an author byline pointing to your own blog and see your influence grow!

But is guest posting even a method to gain back-links?

Earlier, some bloggers used paid services to get a few back-links, but this method bit the dust after the panda update. Its no longer a recommended SEO practice.

So, bloggers have resorted to guest posting.

They have developed a few online relationships over time and pitch their guest posts to blog owners whom they know, in the same niche. If the posts are unique and add value to the readers, they might get published with an author bio, linking back to the author’s blog at the end of the article.

So far so good.

But don’t blog owners receive mails like, ‘We are a team of writers and we want to do a guest post on behalf of our client on any topic of your choice. Please suggest a topic and we will get back with a unique post that is more than 500 words. In return, we request a couple of backlinks at the end of the post”?

How is this different from purchasing links?

In this case, the money is not paid to the site offering links, but they are provided with a free post instead. The money is offered to article writing associates, who actually create that post and approach other blogs with offers to do guest posts ‘free of cost’.

Obviously, this is the abuse of the system called ‘Guest posting’.

When more and more bloggers resort to such short-cuts with the sole intention of gaining backlinks, guess who notices it and what will happen during another major algorithm update?

By the way, its not impossible – If search engines have identified and discounted paid back-links, they can easily identify and discount guest-blogging links as well.

I have a question to all the bloggers out there – Can you write a post for another blog, with out a backlink? Or, can you at least write a post for another blog with a ‘no-follow’ backlink pointing back to your own blog?

Why am I asking this?

Because, it is then that you start writing for the audience and not for the search engine. It is then that you take efforts to impress the subscribers of other similar blogs, instead of trying to write a long article with various facts from around the Internet, tailored to game the search engine!

Think about it, is that not what search engines want?

Wasn’t that the original intent of guest posting? To allow an expert in the field to share their thoughts and provide unique insights to an audience?

I know, there have been a lot of stories on the Internet about how consistent guest posting helped a blog owner to quickly jump from PR 0 to PR 1,000,000!

But what is more important for you – A PR Jump or Satisfied and Happy readers?

Any method to artificially increase a blog’s worth, including guest posting, might just provide you with short term benefits. On the long run, I feel that its the people and interaction that matter.

SEO can bring in readers, but only the content can convert them into long term associates/ customers!

Are you ready to take up the challenge of guest posting with a no-follow link? Do you agree that impressing the readers is more important than trying to gain search engine influence?

Comment on this post, and let us have a discussion.


About Raj

Raj, is a professional blogger and he has been working full-time on a few online ventures for the last couple of years. His latest venture is a musical blog – He invites to you visit his musical blog and discover a new form of music that can touch your heart with its melody. He promises a different experience that you would have not enjoyed till now.

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9 thoughts on “Are Guest Posts a Good Way to Get Backlinks?

  1. Amanda Gordon

    Guest posts are an amazing way of getting high quality backlinks. Not only are they among the most whitehat method of building backlinks, they also tend to be sticky. An article created today continues to bring some form of traffic for a long time.

  2. Pete Stean

    Raj, I’m always happy to consider offers of guestposts that include a discreet link back to whatever the writer is promoting (if it’s not a spam link relating to drugs, sex and so on of course – they go straight into the trash!).

    For making that small concession, I get quality material to add to the site that takes a little pressure off me i.e. I tend to use guests posts to fill in gaps when I don’t have time to produce new material myself.

    You’d think that all the SEO gurus out there would have figured this out – there’s no reason for bloggers like me to ‘help out’ these brands and companies if there’s nothing in it for us. I’m uncomfortable with accepting money for this kind of thing, so offers of quality posts are a perfect solution.

    On a related note, I was approached very recently by an SEO company (based out of Ireland) who have clearly been tasked with building credible links to a new website. They wanted to do a link exchange – my PR4 website for their PR3 website… If you know anything about the value of links you’ll know that’s not much of an offer from my perspective…

    The irony is in the website they were offering to link from – a new group consisting of 10 of London’s most *exclusive* hotels.

    I hate to think what this hotel group (which I imagine has paid a lot of money for this service) is going to get in returnif there is no ‘offer’ on the table to the websites they approach other than a fairly low-ranking link…

    • Linda

      Hi Pete,
      How encouraging to hear you are happy to consider guestposts. For anyone new to the arena, knowing where to start is a big thing – not to mention the confidence issue that others might not think your writing is up to much! Guess who’ll be contacting you in the near future?!

  3. Walter Martin

    What do you guys and girls think? Should you post more to your personal blog or write one or two articles and then go find a place to guest post? I would be interested to hear your take.

  4. Dipendra@Givemegoal

    Guest Posts are always so important. With Google updating its algo day by day and all other kinds of links being less effective, Guest posts comes into role. These are my main source for backlinks.

  5. Tim Chan

    Great things to think about!
    Recently, I’ve been emailed by several people asking to guest post on our website, and to provide back links in the article. One told me that she got paid for every back link to a specific website.

    I’ve been wondering whether or not to allow these on our blog. Will it hurt our blog to have these types of articles? Any thoughts?


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