Are You Taking Advantage of Blog Commenting?

There are so many different traffic generation methods available that people often overlook ones that are right under their nose. Why do they overlook these methods? In many cases they believe certain traffic generation methods are ineffective or that generating any significant traffic from these methods is next to impossible.

I am here to tell you that blog commenting is one of the most powerful traffic generation methods around. I believe blog commenting has taken over what traditional article marketing used to be.

It may be tougher than ever to get an article accepted to the directories or it may be tougher than ever to get articles on article directories to rank, but with blog commenting you can still generate hordes of traffic. In case you need to be convinced of the power blog commenting has to offer here are a few benefits.

Getting to connect with other bloggers

When you decide to add blog commenting to your arsenal of free traffic generation methods, then you are going to have the perfect chance to engage with other bloggers in your niche. There are hundreds if not thousands of bloggers in a given niche that comment on blogs all the time.

They do this because they are trying to keep their name current and by getting their thoughts and ideas out there it helps them to establish credibility. You need to be doing the same thing and blog commenting is the perfect way to do it.

Creating curiosity about your blog content or website content

It is not easy to get people to come to your website by means of free traffic generation methods if you are unwilling to work hard at it. Even if you feel you have excellent content you still need to create a sense of desire in people in order for them to want to read it.

By taking part in blog commenting you have a chance to leave a piece of content that will create curiosity in readers and make them want to see if you have anything else worthwhile to say on your own website or blog.

Developing relationships with other bloggers that will lead to more traffic

Earlier I mentioned that other bloggers hang out on blogs commenting all the time. Well what do you believe is going to happen once you are able to establish a relationship with them? There’s a good chance many of these bloggers are already receiving a nice amount of traffic to their websites. These bloggers have worked hard to get the traffic they are getting.

Once they feel they can trust you then you can work with them to utilize the traffic each of you might be getting. This means increased traffic for the both of you and increased potential revenue.

Blog commenting helps contribute to your online presence

If it is your goal to dominate a niche, then it is going to be very important for you to build a profile that people will respect. What do you believe is the best way to do this? Blog commenting offers the perfect chance for you to get your name out there and establish credibility. It is the perfect chance for you to show the knowledge you have about a niche and show people you are serious about helping them.

Direct traffic back to your website from every comment you leave

The number one benefit of engaging in blog commenting is that every comment you leave will serve as a gateway back to your own website or blog. That is why if you decide to use this free traffic generation method you must be sure to leave thoughtful comments that will be approved by the blog owner.

As long as your comments are approved you can expect a steady surge of traffic. Once you have so many blog comments out there you will not have to work as hard in order to keep this traffic coming in.

As you can see blog commenting has many benefits, all of which you have been missing if you do not take blog commenting seriously. Blog commenting is one of the only free traffic generation methods I know that enables you to get free traffic quickly.

Just be warned that serious blog commenting is going to require hard work. You must make sure you leave comments that actually contribute something to the blog you are leaving it on. This is the part most people seem to miss.

What do you think about blog commenting and its effectiveness? Please feel free to comment below and let’s get a good discussion going.

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8 thoughts on “Are You Taking Advantage of Blog Commenting?

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  3. Matt

    Yes, I know from personal experience that blog commenting does result in more traffic, particularly in the long term. And apart from this, it’s a great way of developing your ideas. You can then expand on these in articles and blog posts.

  4. Kulwant Nagi

    yes Robin !! Commenting can bring a lot of traffic. Because commenting on the other articles is quickest way to attract people.

    And I need you help bro.. Leave a reply ASAP.

  5. HP van Duuren

    Thanks for your post Robin,

    Since I do enjoy blogging a lot more when I also actually get comments on blogposts making the whole blogging thing more like a Conversation

    Only recently in a Forum I discovered that somehow not everybody could write their comments on my posts, so now in the settings I changed this, and now it’s open for – everybody – to write their comments.

    So Feel free to make me curious about your Blog, by visiting my Blog(s) and writing your Compelling Comments :)

  6. Sarasota FL realty

    I think the two best parts of blog commenting are branding and relationship building, both are quite essential to a blog and its growth. It does get to be very time consuming at times, but it’s an investment of time and effort that is necessary for our success in the online world.

    Great article! Keep them coming.


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