Are You Using Infographics To Drive Traffic?


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If you are one of the people that are not using infographics, then you are missing out on a great way to be driving traffic.

Just think about it.  Infographics are just about everywhere.  Infographics take information that might be hard to process or might seem complex, and they turn them into easy to understand visual images.  Infographics are very nice to look at, plus they are made in a way that is very easy to comprehend.

A lot of webmasters are still only focusing on traditional SEO methods such as site tags and backlinks.  If they have any infographics on their website, they might not even get counted, because the search engines see them as being just a large image.

The text that is within the graphic usually cannot be picked up by a search engine.  If this is the case, then why are infographics gaining so much steam?   Well there are a lot of benefits infographics offer that you might not realize at first.

The benefits of using infographics in order to drive traffic

• Infographics cater to those with short attentions spans. These days people are more inpatient than ever. People want information fast and if they do not get it they will leave a website.  If your website has an infographic then this is one of the best ways to get the message you want to get across at lightening speed.  Facts are presented as images, and the images are designed to tell quick story.  People will be able to easily digest this information and share it on social networking website like Facebook, Twitter, and especially Pinterest!

• Infographics can have a viral effect in the social media world.  If you create content to post on a blog or a social network like Twitter, having an infographic included with it makes it far more likely to be spread around.  You are also more likely to get your content shared on Facebook.   All of this is going to lead to higher page views for your main website.

Infographics load really fast.  They are seen as being single images, so this means the content on a page should load pretty quick.  Google rankings factor in the speed it takes for a website to download.   So the faster your website loads, the higher your search engine rankings will be.  (Learn How to Speed up Your WordPress sites Here)

Good infographics can get found and used on high authority websites.  If the infographic you create is good enough and provides enough value, then there is the chance you could be approached by a website owner who gets a lot of traffic and has a lot of credibility.   These site owners would have to get your permission to use the graphic, but if they did, just imagine what this could do for your website credibility and your long term search engine rankings.  You can increase the chances of your infographics going viral as well by sharing them on popular bookmarking websites like Reddit and StumbleUpon.  Also, if you know your info graphic is a winner, try contacting a few well respected bloggers, and see if they would share your infographic for you.  Just make sure to offer them something in return.

What a good infographic must contain

In order to be successful at creating infographics that can go viral you need to know the basic elements they must contain. A good infographic contains the following:

• Good visuals – which means nice looking pictures or icons that represent information (Eye popping images are very helpful!)
• Good content -  this means stats, references as well as other interesting things.
• Color – this means injecting a bit of color into your infographic and not making it look dull.

As you can see, by using infographics you are going to be using an approach that will allow you to instantly engage your readers in a visual way.  This is going to help you extend your reach, because content has a better chance of being shared through social networking when it has infographics.

Here are 4 sources you can use in order to have infographics created for you

Even though infographics are good, there are a lot of people who won’t be able to use them because they have no idea of how to make them. Not to worry, because there are several places where you can go to have them made for you. If you choose right you should not have to overspend.


Odesk is one of the best places for people looking to have infographics made for them. There are no fees in order for you to post a job on this website and hire someone. The website will take about ten percent of whatever the contractor earns though. You can set the payment structure however you want as well. You can choose to pay people by the hour or a fixed rate for a project. You can even add a week limit to how many hours can be worked.


Freelancer is probably one of the largest freelance market you can find on the internet. So if you are looking to have infographics made and you want several options as to who you might hire, Freelancer is for you.  The downside is because you will have so many more choices you will have to invest time going through the ones that are not a good fit for what you are going for.

Elance is similar to Odesk in a lot of ways. What it does is provides time tracking software as well as screen capture software so you can feel good about things.  You have the choice to hire local contractors only if you want. You can also choose to hire people from certain English speaking countries such as the USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Guru is a place where you can find plenty of contractors to create an infographic for you. The site takes it fees out of the contractor rates. Contractors who use this website can lower the fees they pay by becoming paid members. In any case, the fees are apart of the prices you get quotes for jobs here. You should find plenty of options.

Infographics are going to add an element to your website that is currently missing.

If you are creating good quality content you want it to stick in the mind of your readers right? Well what if I told you that about 99% of that information does not stick.

Do you think this is a good way for people to remember you or share your information?  With infographics information sticks in the brain much better and people will remember it. If people remember the infographic they will likely remember the website and share it.  Are you beginning to see how powerful infographics are now?
The only thing you need to do before you decide to have an infographic created or make one yourself is know what it is trying to accomplish. Is your goal to build a brand? Is your goal to tell an entertaining story? Maybe you are just trying to be humorous or make sure readers take away what you want them to take away.
You can also research websites in your niche and try to get a feel for what type of infographics they would be most likely to share with their audiences. This gives you even more of a chance to go viral and gain more of a following. Just one thing to remember though.  You will want to make sure whatever information you use is timely.

Examples of Good Infographics?

For some really good examples of infographics, I recommend visiting! (Note, when visiting that site scroll to the bottom to go to the other pages!  There are a TON of infographics from Honda Accords, to Obama, to Mickey Mouse!)

Have you used infographics in your social strategy?  Leave me a comment below :)

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