Article Marketing – Is it Still a Viable Source of Traffic?

If you have been marketing online for any amount of time, then you’ve definitely heard of article marketing. Simply put, Article marketing is the act of writing articles and distributing them all over the internet to help promote your website and/or offers, while generating targeted traffic all at the same time.

Why is Article Marketing Important?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Content is king”? Well this has proven to be true in the internet marketing world. In almost all cases, there is a direct correlation to the amount of content you produce and the amount of income you generate online. The more quality content you produce, the more credibility you gain, the more traffic you get to your websites, and the more sales you’ll make. There two main uses for article marketing. The first use is to have high quality keyword-rich content on your website so that visitors will be able to find you in the search engines. The second, is to distribute articles to various article directories so that people can find your site that way, as well as to produce backlinks (link juice) to help your search engine rankings even more.

Article Marketing Strategy and Composition

If you are just getting started online, you may want to write your own articles. Now, there are dozens of ways to structure your articles, but one of the easiest ways I found is to research other articles on your topic, and take some cliff notes. Just copy and paste some of the best information into a notepad file. Then re-organize the main points, and structure a simple outline out of them. Then begin writing. It doesn’t have to be hard at all.

I can literally write an article on almost any topic in under 15 minutes using this article marketing strategy. You always want to make sure your articles aren’t too boring, and keep the reader interested. You can do this by adding a bit of personality into your articles rather than sounding like an old history book. After all, your call to action will almost always be at the end of your article, and if they don’t make it there to begin with, your article was a complete waste. You want to make sure the article grabs their interest and keeps them involved, and hopefully wanting more!

A great article marketing strategy to use is a two-part article. This is where you write part 1 of 2, and post them to the various article directories, and then mention part 2 in your resource box, with a link to the second half on your website. If your article is interesting enough, you will get a lot of clicks back to your website.

What are the Best Article Marketing Directories to Submit to?

From my experience, the best directories to submit to for your article marketing efforts are in this order:








Now, don’t get me wrong, there are hundreds if not thousands of article directories out there that you can use for article marketing, but these are just the ones I have found to bring me the most traffic. I would suggest using these ones first, and then trying out some of the others as you progress.

Can’t I just Outsource my Article Marketing?

YES! You can, and you SHOULD outsource your article marketing! If you want to grow your online business fast, then you are going to need to outsource. When I first started, I was short on cash, and thought outsourcing was a waste of money. Let’s just say I wish I knew then what I know now. I have had quality articles written for me for as little as $3-$5 per article. This will take some time for you to do the same, but there are people out there that can write good articles for under $5 each.

I found my article writer on, but I had to hire 5 or 6 people before I found her. The first few people were actually REALLY BAD at article writing, but if I didn’t give them a shot, I wouldn’t know. I was persistent however, and found a perfect article writer for my needs. My suggestion is to start small (maybe 5 articles per job) and test out a few candidates. You will be able to find a good writer for cheap. I always hire Philippines outsourcers for any writing / content related jobs, especially for article marketing. There’s really no need to spend $20 per article once you find the right person.

Where can I find a Good Article Writer?

I found my main writer on, but there are many places you can find one. Here is a list of places, and a short description of my experience.

1. – Expensive in most cases, but you’ll 95% of the time find good quality.

2. – My favorite, because there are some gems here. You just have to wade through the B.S. a bit more.

3. – This place is a bit different from the other freelance websites, but you can find some quality people!

3. (Also known as – This is similar to, but not as good from my experience. Some people have said otherwise, so I’d still recommend giving it a shot.

Article Marketing Software and Automation Tools:

There are many different article marketing softwares on the market. I’m going to list a couple of them that I have found to be useful in my article marketing efforts.

1. The Best Spinner – With this software you can take any article, and spin the contents of it into dozens (or even hundreds) of unique articles in a matter of minutes. This is mainly used for posting your articles on various web 2.0 properties (like squidoo, hubpages, bebo,, etc…). I wouldn’t recommend using spun articles on your own website, or any of the top article directories. You want to keep your best hand-written content for those. Don’t get me wrong however, The Best Spinner can create some pretty damn good articles that actually sound like a human wrote it. You just need to do a quick proof read and edit a couple spots here and there. Compared to other article spinners, I have found this one to be the best out there.

2. Mass Article Control - This article marketing software is pretty handy. It comes with 2 separate softwares, Mass Article Creator and Mass Article Submitter. With Mass Article Submitter, you can submit your articles to some of the top article directories automatically. You’ll save a ton of time using this software. “Mass article creator” is also pretty good. It is basically an article spinner similar to The Best Spinner. I just happen to like “The Best Spinner” better for repurposing my articles. However, if you’re short on cash, this may be your best bet for automating your article marketing, because you kill 2 birds with one stone.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on article marketing, and this post, so please hit me with your comment below :)


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