About Josh F.

Josh is an online marketer and co-founder of ProfitBlog.com. With a passion for affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO, copy writing and product creation he was able to trade the "cubical lifestyle" for the "internet lifestyle" in early 2008 and hasn't looked back since. When not online Josh likes to travel and have adventures.


How To Login to WordPress Dashboard

Although it probably seems very simple for most it can occasionally be hard to find the login page for your wordpress site. Depending on the theme you have and the widgets you’ve got active there might not be a link on your site for you to easily login to the admin area. To find the […]

Wordpress Made Easy

WordPress Made Easy

Having Trouble Creating a Website or Need to get “up to speed” on How to use WordPress? Wordpress Made Easy Complete Video Course teaches you EXACTLY how to build your very own wordPress sites with absolutely no previous experience required! You'll learn step-by-Step how to completely setup, customize and secrure your wordpress sites just like the pros!

Wp Speed Formula

WP Speed Formula

Did you know that the speed of your WordPress site is CRUCIAL to your success? Think about it. When your site is slow, you are losing visitors, subscribers, AND customers. The fact is, if your site is slow, people LEAVE. This means they don’t get to read your content, share your content, join your mailing list, or buy your products! This course will teach you how to get INSANE site loading times on your WordPress site, which in turn helps improve search engine rankings, traffic, and user engagement NATURALLY!

Outsourcing Simplified

Outsourcing Simplified

Learn how to replace yourself by finding quality outsourcers and virtual assistants for pennies on the dollar! You'll earn how to properly hire, train, and track your workers for maximum return on investment! Discover how to get more done, and grow your business faster than ever!


How to Add a Favicon to WordPress

Anytime I set up a new site on wordpress one of the first things I always try to do is set the favicon image for it. To me having a favicon always makes the site seem more Official and makes me feel good about working on it. Regardless of what your reason for wanting to […]