Backlink Building: Getting The Most From Them Instead Of Nothing

Do you feel like you are putting a substantial amount of work when backlink building only to see no significant improvements in your search engine results? Do you feel like the places you’re leaving backlinks are actually hurting you rather than helping you?

In order to get rid of these feelings you must be confident you’re backlink building is actually going to pay off. Getting the most from your backlinks is only difficult because some people do not know how to properly do it. In order to start getting more from your backlink building you must know what to start doing differently.

Getting direct traffic from backlinks

When people are building backlinks they usually end up getting nothing because the places they are leaving backlinks don’t get a lot of traffic. Getting direct traffic from the places you leave backlinks is one of the primary benefits of the activity. The traffic you receive from the correct sources alone can be far more than what you will receive directly from search engines. So from here on out start leaving backlinks in places that will lead to direct traffic from that particular source. It is far better to do it this way than simply hoping to get credit for that backlink from the search engines.

Linking back to useful information

There are far too many times where Internet marketers will leave artificial looking backlinks on numerous sources that do not link back to anything but a sales page. In some cases this might not count against you, but in most cases it will. It is far better to leave a link back to a content page that is going to have more information the user is interested in learning. If this is done correctly you can leave partial content in one source and then have the backlink lead to an extension of that content. When you do it this way more traffic will be funneled from the sources where the backlink has been left.

Making sure the backlink is indexed

Spending large amount of time building backlinks isn’t going to mean anything if the search engines never know they exist. So it is going to be important to make sure it is properly indexed so your site can rise and lead to more traffic organically. There is a special type of software that is able to do this quite easily and with very littler time invested on your part. Some of it is priced expensively while others are inexpensive. In any case having all of your backlinks seem by the major search engines will definitely boost their value.

Avoid using unnatural anchor text

There is a lot of talk that using anchor text when building backlinks will lead to far greater search engine results. Too many people abuse this though, and they leave unnatural backlinks all over the Internet. Google has put in certain changes that pick up on these unnatural sounding keyword phrases, because typically people do not type in certain keywords strings in an exact fashion. Using keywords strings in anchor text that sound unnatural is going to raise red flags in the eyes of Google and may end up getting your entire website sandboxed.

Going for high-quality sites

What do you believe the best types of websites are that you should leave a backlink on? These would be the type of websites that don’t allow just anybody to leave a backlink. Seeing as how these types of websites are very particular about who they let leave a back link on their site if you are able to get one on that site it is going to count far more in the eyes of major search engine such as Google. A good way to get this started would be to build a good relationship with the website owner and let them know you’re for real.

The entire purpose of building backlinks is to get more traffic by means of the search engines. You do not want to focus only on search engine traffic though, the places you leave your backlink should also be high traffic or at least have decent enough traffic. When this happens you will be able to get traffic from search engines and directly from those sources. Should Google decide it wants to punish you for any reason you will still be receiving hordes of traffic from all of the quality places you left a backlink.

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