Basic SEO Blogging Tips To Get Found By Google

These days a lot of SEO blogging tips try to tell you to focus on keyword placement and the like. While I agree that keyword placement is important, it is not the end all be all.  If you are writing blog posts and you want to keep SEO in mind, it is better for you to take a natural approach and not let what you write revolve around keyword placement.  Here are some basic SEO blogging tips that should help you get found by big brother Google.

Have one main keyword to focus on

Once you have decided what you want to write about find a keyword phrase that your niche is using to search for such content and then focus on that one keyword. Yes, there are going to be plenty of keywords you might possibly use in order to attract visitors. If you use too many keywords though, it becomes tough to rank for any one of them. So find a good one, and make that your singular focus.

Keyword placement variation

You will find a lot of SEO blogging tips that tell you to place a keyword as is in your posts. Focusing too much on exact keyword placement might actually hurt SEO. These Blogging tips you find might not be aware of it, but they would do better to advise you to mix things up. Take a look at what I just did in the last sentence regarding spreading out the use of “SEO blogging tips”. You can do this in many ways and get good rankings.

Keyword replacement and variations

You do not have to use a keyword as is in your blog posts. Yu can decide to use it once or twice before you decide it is time to mix things up. Take some time and find some synonyms for the words in your keyword phrase. Make sure you use some of these words instead of just using the same string. This makes things look more natural to big brother Google and helps you to rank higher.

Associated words or phrases (LSI)

One thing that is going to help your blog posts get found and ranking high in Google would be for you to use words you would normally use with a keyword. These words alert Google that your content matches up with your main keyword string, and it looks more natural. It also helps Prevent your content from being penalized by Google because of supposed keyword stuffing.

Natural back link building

In regards to SEO and blogging few tips ever mention that you should build backlinks the way they would normally be created for such content. Think about it, anyone who finds your content would usually bookmark it if they like it.

Your content might be mentioned on any one of the major social networking sites. There might be links left for you in niche related forums. Trust me; Google counts all of these backlinks, even the ones that are supposedly no follow.

Proper keyword placement

Think of the beginning of your content like a tone setter, which Is basically what it is. But by this I mean you want to make sure you mention the keyword you have for your blog posts right away. You want it mentioned as close the beginning of the opening sentence as possible.

You also want it mentioned as soon as possible in the headline. You want there to be no mistake what the theme of your article is. Mentioning the main keyword for your blog post is also a good idea in the last paragraph of your blog post.

Using headers

Your best chance to ensure good SEO for your blog posts is to always use headers for the paragraphs you write. Not only will this help with SEO, but it will also make your article much easier to read. These days’ readers want to be able to skim articles and other content. If you use headers with your chosen keyword inserted here and there, your post will be read more often and realize better search engine rankings.

SEO and blogging have to go hand in hand, and the tips I have mentioned in this article should serve as a good reference to help you stay on course. There is a lot more you need to know, and a lot more details that would benefit you though. I suggest you read further into some of the tips I have mentioned here in order to have a full understanding.


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2 thoughts on “Basic SEO Blogging Tips To Get Found By Google

  1. bbrian017

    I think one of my favorite aspects of SEO is there’s always something new to learn. I’ve been doing this for three years and I still learn something new.

    The issue I find with SEO is finding where to draw the line and when to not let it affect business.

    With all the SEO rules now it’s almost as if the search engines are dictating how to do business and marking online.

  2. Sarasota FL realty

    Great tips. It’s also important to submit our sites to the search engines and to have a good site structure so the search engine spiders can crawl through our sites easily. We can’t forget about sitemap.


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