Blog Commenting For Traffic: The Art Of Leaving Strong Comments That Contribute Value

Blog commenting is very powerful as it concerns the ability to drive laser targeted traffic to your website. What makes it even more powerful is the fact that over time this traffic can become consistent and increase.

If it is not done correctly though, the comments you leave on various blogs will not bring you the wave of traffic you should be getting. It is important for you to understand that traffic is value you are getting for giving value in return, usually in the form of valuable comments left on various blogs.

There are a lot of people right now who believe blog commenting for traffic doesn’t work. It is not that blog commenting doesn’t work, but most people simply do it wrong. In some cases they look for blogs that offer very little value. These are usually blogs that get very little traffic and have very little community interaction. These types of blogs also auto approve comments, which means that anybody can leave a comment. You can’t expect much in the name of value from such blogs.

In order for blog commenting for traffic to be as effective as it could be for you then you must follow a certain criteria that will ensure you are successful.

Finding blogs that have regular updated content

Finding blogs that have regular updated content is one of the best ways to ensure you will ultimately get traffic for the comments you will be leaving. Think about it for a second, blogs that have regularly updated unique content are usually ones that are getting traffic. Unique content is being consistently added in order to keep readers coming back for more. The consistent adding of unique content will also create higher value in the eyes of major search engines.

After a while the blog will begin to rank higher which means more people will find it through the search engines and it will receive more traffic. On the downside, a blog that doesn’t have regularly updated content isn’t a good source to leave comments on. One of the reasons for this is because with few posts left on a regular basis it is going to be quite difficult for you to leave a comment on a consistent enough basis to get yourself noticed by readers on that blog.

Not creating enough value in posts

If you are banking on blog commenting for traffic it is going to be critical that you create value in your comments. What do I mean by value? I am referring to content related to the post that is going to add some sort of element to it that isn’t currently there. The value must be significant enough to stand out amongst the other comments that are going to be on the page.

Sometimes you might offer unique insight about ideas that have already been expressed in the post. You might be able to expand on ideas that people want to know more about. You might even be able to add your own twist to a particular post that will make people want to know more about what you have to say. The ability to add value in some way is what will draw people to click over to your site from someone else’s blog.

Respecting the community

If you come across a blog that has regular updated content and has a lot of comments on each page it is going to be important that you respect the community. When I say respect I am referring to not leaving spammy posts that contribute nothing. You also do not want to write a post that is offensive to the blog owner. If you do these things it is the fastest way to ensure that your blog comment not only doesn’t get approved, but that future posts will get denied.

Promote other sites as well

I know you want to promote your own website, but one of the best ways to not come off as looking spammy is to promote other people’s websites every once in a while. I have found the best way to do this would be to find a valid point in a given blog post and then find a relevant article on a respected site. Once you have found this article leave the link in the comment you post on someone else’s site.

If you hope to be successful relying on blog commenting for traffic it is going to be important for you not to ignore these aspects. A blog owner will be more than happy to approve your comments as long as you contribute value to the site. You must also understand those components that make a blog valuable and those that take away from it such as frequent adding of unique content or lack of it.

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