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Hello fellow bloggers. In this post I’m going to discuss curating content to your blog. Blog curation is a powerful tool for pulling in traffic to your site and increasing your site’s credibility by making you the authority in your niche. This blogging method has propelled many savvy curators to unbeknownst levels of wealth and success.

What is blog curation? We usually think of curators when talking about museums. Curators are people with art history degrees, right?  They wear little tortoise-shell glasses and spend a lot of time indoors pouring over dusty artifacts. This is true. But now the blogosphere has its own curators and, for the most part, they’re making a lot more bank than their elbow-patched counterparts (sorry to all you museum curators for the stereotypes).

Have you ever heard of Arianna Huffington?

Arianna Huffington founded a little site called the Huffington Post about six years ago. In February of this year, she sold her site to AOL for a cool $315 million dollars. The fact that AOL is still paying Ms. Huffington $1 million dollars a year to continue running the site is just icing on the cake.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, the Huffington Post is, at its core, a curated or content aggregating site. Huffington and her staff sift through articles on the topics they choose to cover (top news stories), and select the ones they like best. Then staff writers create little blurbs that comment on and reference the original article, including a hyperlink somewhere in the text. They slap on a catchy headline including the keywords they’re after attach a pic and they’ve got themselves a snappy-looking curated blog post.

The perception among fans of Huff Post is that the site does a lot of leg work for them by bringing together various sources to provide an entertaining and diversified news experience.

On you’re only going to find CNN content, but on the Huff, you never really know what you’re going to find. This is part of the appeal. Another element is trust. Through curating quality content, people have come to trust The Huffington Post as a reliable news source.

There is such an endless amount of content on the internet and so it’s natural for people to want things brought together and simplified by someone they trust. Think Google reader or Google news for that matter. This is where you come in.

You can easily use this very method to bulk up our blog content.

You’re not plagiarizing. You are commenting on an existing article and providing a link to its original source. Your readers will be happy because you’re bringing them awesome content from across the internet, the original providers of the content are happy because you’re creating a valuable backlink to their site, and you, you are establishing your site as an invaluable resource of information. Boom! That’s good business.

Remember, the anatomy of a curated post:

-Find a stellar article from a trusted source.

-In your blog, create a post that includes:

-A headline containing keywords you’re targeting,

-A few paragraphs in which you describe, comment and link back to this piece.

-A sweet, eye-catching pic from a royalty-free source.

There is so much potential here. The key is to post and post daily, always targeting specific keywords. This will grab search engines’ attention even as it creates a community around your site. Always invite commentary at the bottom of your posts.

Here’s to bringing your readers the best, and launching your site to the top of the rankings.

So what have your experiences been using this blog curation method? Can you see yourself integrating something like this into you’re blog? I’d love to hear your thoughts so drop me a line below!

About Shmuel

Self-made online writer and blogger man. When I'm not writing or blogging I like to spend time with my beautiful wife and son, read, play music and beatbox my way to calm, happy living. Hope I can help when I can! Peace,

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12 thoughts on “Blog Content: Original and Curated

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  2. Antone Roundy

    Well said, Shmuel.

    One thing a lot of people do when they talk about curation is to focus on volume and SEO value, and ignore quality. Sites like the Huffington Post didn’t get where they are by focusing on quantity over quality. To gain a following as a curator, quality is job one.

    Another way to make a name for yourself as a curator is to take it beyond curation and add your own unique insights and commentary to each piece of content you curate.

    Again, it takes more work. But if you’re in for more than just hoping that you’ll fool the search engines into ranking you high, you’ve got to put in the effort to create real value.

    • Shmuel

      Hey Antone.

      No doubt, quality is everything and having your own blue-chip original content to compliment curated gems is always the way to go.

      Good luck with bringing your growing reader-base the best!

  3. Mummy Blog School

    Hi, I am an SEO consultant and curation has really caught my eye! I am considering adding a lot of curation content to my Mummy Blog School Blog as I feel it could be a way to share other bloggers educational content.
    Of course I will keep my original content too, as I want my readers to eventually know, like and trust me.
    Thanks for sharing this blog post with us as I was looking for more info on this topic.
    Happy Blogging!
    Marty from Mummy Blog School

  4. Vernette Carbon

    I’ve never understood curation until last week. Someone is selling a $2000 course on the subject. So I figured, this must be some good stuff. I just performed a search on Google and found this blog. Thanks for the info. I just started really getting this curation thing right, and I’m loving it. Of course, my recommended posts and lots of other articles are unique, but this is making my job a bit easier instead of having to write 500 word articles. Thanks for the info.

  5. Al

    Hi, I just wonder about the copyright aspect. Most sites I look at have copyrights that specifically prohibit using their content. How does one get around this? Thanks

  6. HP van Duuren

    I was just thinking about how yesterday on TV I saw Mr. Bean, Commenting on a certain Oil Painting…., :)


    It definitely looks like a possible interesting approach, do you - besides the Huffington Post Success - know about other Blogs that have done something like that with such big Success?

  7. don

    SEO is simply the name for the technology that searches for relevant information coded as keywords, right? Sounds simple to this journalist. So how come people talk about this like it’s rocket science?

  8. Henry Bolden

    Blog curation has been around for some time now. What I’ve noticed with successful sites, that draw a great deal of traffic from curation, is that they tend to mix in a bit of their own unique narration. Google seems to like it and it’s definitely caught my attention.


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