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Hey everyone, I just wanted to make a quick post because it seems that everyone lately has been discussing blog curation, and it’s effectiveness as a way to come up with relevant and informative blog posts.  If you don’t already know what it is, blog curation is simply gathering tid bits of content from popular websites and blogs, and sharing them in a blog post of your own.  You simply write a post about their article with a link back to their site.  You can actually include more than one of these in the same post.  This of course won’t really make much sense for all types of blogs, but for most it will.  If you have a personal blog, it can work wonders.  The whole idea behind it is that your site could become the “go to” site in the mind of your visitors because you are doing all the hard work for them.  You are the one that found all the best stuff and shared it in one place with your own opinion on the subject matter.

As cool as blog curating may be, it does take quite a bit of time.  Well, as far as gathering the information is concerned.  The actual writing of your post will take no time at all once you have all of the content ready.  Most people open up notepad or their favorite text editor, and just copy & paste what they find.  This can obviously become a pain in the ass, but there is some good news.  With the popularity of blog curating, some software developers have been busy making programs that take the pain out of blog curation.  The first one that comes to mind is called “Curation Soft” .

This software is really cool because it’s easy to use.  You just search for the keyword of your choice, and BAM all the content you need will be right there.  You can then drag and drop it right into your blog post, and add your 2 cents under each section you add.  It’s that simple. You also don’t have to worry about copyright infringement because their software is built to ensure that you can’t get ion any trouble.  This includes photo licensing, content being properly sourced with a link to it, and more.  You can read more about the features on their site, but I recommend you watch their 6 minute video to see if it’s something that you could use for your blogging efforts.  They do have a free option if you want to test it out though, so that’s good.

Now of course, it does cost around $40 for a single user license so it’s really up to you if you’d rather save time curating your blog posts or save money.  My suggestion is if you’re just starting out and don’t have much money, just curate your posts by hand and maybe purchase it later.  But, if you don’t mind forking over the $40, I think it’s a great deal. 

Tell me what your thoughts are on blog curation in the comments below.  Also, if you want to see a perfect example of this, just go to


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6 thoughts on “Blog Curation – Unlimited Relevant Content

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  2. kalen

    Hey Ben,

    This is a great idea, but it can have more value than you’d think. I also found that linking back to other sites is a great way to build a rapport with other bloggers. Usually, they end up sharing my post through their networks and will be more open to making sure karma comes back to me later.

    It’s also a great way to bring content to your site and help your readers connect with other bloggers. It shows you’re part of a truly connected community and doesn’t make your readers feel isolated. However, you still want to make sure you provide some insightful thoughts of your own. I wouldn’t rely purely on curating content, unless you have a great way of spinning it in a creative way so it really adds to what the other writers have said.

  3. Ben Post author

    Thanks Kalen, you make some other great points! Building rapport with fellow bloggers is definitely a great way to get noticed, and bring good karma into the mix.

  4. Joe

    Hi Ben,
    I’m a little new to the term “curation” but I believe I’ve been doing this for a while with free tools like the Zemanta plugin which inserts the Zemanta tool in the wordpress editor to the right of where you type and shows related posts and royalty free pics as you type. Would this be considered a curation tool? Also, the shareaholic plugin allows you to setup your blog in the plugin and when you come across interesting content you simply highlight the text and click the plugin which will “press” the content to a new post on your blog and links back to the original post automatically. Does this all fall under the “curation” description?

  5. Hanns

    Just found your post on google (right up there among the first results) trying to find out what all that recent buzz about blog curating is all about. I’m going to have a look at the tool Joe mentioned (shreaholic), or maybe start manually if it’s too expensive


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