Blogging For Profit: Unconventional Avenues To Bring In Revenue

Do you want to make money blogging, but you are tired of the same rehashed techniques you see offered all over the Internet? Believe it or not there are many unconventional avenues you can decide to make use of in order to bring in revenue from blogging. Unconventional avenues do not have to be risky nor do they have to be failures. Unconventional avenues for making profit from your blog can actually bring in far more profit than if you were to use old techniques, but what unconventional methods can you start implementing?

Writing reviews about books

I know this may seem conventional and you’ve probably heard it before, but not the way I am going to explain it. In this technique you are not going to be writing a simple book review about a physical book or an e-book. What you’re going to be doing is writing a post about the base topic of any book or a physical book as it relates to your own life experiences. You’re simply going to use the book or the e-book as something you feel is closely related to that experience. This way everything comes off natural and people are able to resonate much easier.

Getting away from adsense

There are too many people who believe utilizing Google adsense is the only way to make money off of blogging. While adsense may be profitable if you are getting a lot of traffic, often times you must get a ton of traffic to see any real income. Instead try focusing on a CPA-based module. All you have to do is make sure the CPA model coincides with your blogs main topic. CPA modules are so much better because they offer more income, and you are actually providing real products and services that people can actually use.

Give people incentives to spread your content

I know this may seem a little bit like bribery, but sometimes offering a simple incentive can work wonders for your blogging content to go viral. I’m not talking about offering access to a free report, often times people feel as if these things have no true value. Instead what you want to do is offer to buy a physical book or something else of value of your choosing if proof is offered that your content was shared with a certain amount of people. You can usually find many books on Amazon extremely cheap, and you can have a cutoff point so things don’t get too out of hand.

Watching for uncommon products to write about

Writing about uncommon products can generate a lot of revenue quite quickly. These uncommon products will still need to be at least semi popular, but they won’t be too mainstream. A good way you can utilize this technique would be to look at some of the more popular television shows. Take note of any particular item you see that might draw interest. Once you notice one of these products make use of a site that will offer you a commission for the sale of one of these products. Seeing as how you are the only one selling it or one of the only people selling it you should be able to easily make profit.

Digging for potential guest posts authors

Once your blog is getting a decent amount of visitors per post you have the opportunity to network with other blog owners in your niche. The unconventional spin you will want to put on this is only approaching blog owners who are in your same category regarding traffic. For this to be effective you will need to research individual niche blogs and find out what their traffic is like on average. Seeing as how the both of you will have the same amount of traffic there is no reason to feel that one person will be getting more value and giving less value in return.

The reason why using unconventional methods is so necessary if you hope to be successful making money from a blog is because the old methods just aren’t that profitable anymore. Another reason would be because modules such as adsense take a lot in order to be successful. With the modules I mentioned in this article any one of them has the ability to make several thousands of dollars per month if properly implemented. These methods must be implemented for a specific period of time though, and some will be successes while others will not.

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  2. Nail Yener


    Writing book reviews is something that I never focused on much before but recently I decided to give it a try and I was able to make an affiliate sell just after a few hours of publishing my review. It feels really good.


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