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Your face in Google Search ResultsDo you want to know how to brand your content with Rel=Author and have your face show up in Google search results?
Well first of all, unless you still use Yellow Pages and the encyclopedia as your primary search engines, you have certainly noticed all of the faces that are now being displayed in Google search results.

Below is what mine looks like.  Check me out:

These are author rich snippets, and getting them to show up to content that you have written is not nearly as complicated as you may think.  Below are 2 easy steps you can follow to have your pretty face displayed next to your content in Google’s search results.

  1. Google+ Profile Configuration

In order to active you author rich snippets, you’ll need to have an active Google+ profile.  If you don’t already have one, create a Google+ Profile using your Gmail account.  There are 2 critical components that you’ll need to be sure are present in your Google+ profile:

  • A profile image of your pretty mug.
  • In the “Contributor To” section of your profile, you need to add your blog, or website, or whatever URL it is that you publish content on. Below is an image of my “Contributor To” section. I contribute to multiple sites, so I have added all of them. If you only contribute to your own site, or your company’s site, just add those.


  1. Rel=author HTML

Your Google+ profile is now all set-up, so it’s time to add the rel=author HTML code to your content. You will probably want to add your code to the author bio section of your content. Or, if this isn’t an option, you can simply add the code to the body content. No matter where it appears on the page, if the code is input correctly, and your Google+ profile is set up correctly, the author rich snippet will be displayed.


Here is the exact code to use. I have bolded the generic attributes, and inserted my information for reference:

<a rel=”author” href=””>Matthew Green+</a>


If input correctly, this code will result in a simple link on the page that looks like this:


Matthew Green+

If you’re having trouble getting your author rich snippets enabled just leave a comment below, or drop me a line with your information and I’ll have a look.  Good luck!

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One thought on “Branding Your Content with Rel=Author

  1. Jon

    Thanks for the ‘rel=author’ information … I wonder if it is possible to have a nicname / avatar as a google+ listing? Specifically I have long term goal of selling a website property and it would be advantageous to ‘brand’ the nicname&avatar combo for ‘added value’ and ‘goodwill’. What are your thoughts or suggestions?



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