Competetive Niches – Do You Think You Must Write A Million Articles To Compete?

It is extremely tough for some Internet marketers to get away from mindsets that hurt their success and ultimately their ego. When first starting out the average Internet marketer is like kid in a candy store, but after a few punches to their ego they stop or lose interest. One of the reasons this happens is because of misconceptions they might have regarding penetrating competitive niches by means of articles.

So many of them have been told that if they do not write a bunch of articles they will not possibly be able to compete. One common message that is heard over and over again is “ the marketer who writes the most articles wins”. Well this simply is not true, but a lot of people seem to believe. Here are some other commonly held misconceptions about writing articles in competitive niches.

Big niches are already saturated

You would not believe how many people think that they cannot get into a big niche because there are already so many articles written around it. They believe there is nothing they can say that will be able to compete with the load of quality content out there to feed the desires of a given niche. I am here to tell you that this is not true, because for the most part a lot of the content written in a given niche are not as good as you think it might be.

In fact many people who write a bunch of articles and take the quantity over quality approach put out inferior content. This would mean exactly the opposite, meaning there are a lot of people who are not getting the type of content they expect. A lot of the content in some of the biggest niches does not deliver on the promises it makes to the reader.

Everyone is an expert

Here is the thing; the biggest niches to a lot of would be Internet marketers are so intimidating because they feel like everyone writing in that niche must be an expert. That means not only do they know what they are talking about, but it also means that they have some sort of credentials to back up what they are saying. If this is the case then how can the average Internet marketer crack such a niche?

The thing is most people in a given niche are not experts, and even the ones who claim to be are not willing to put their face and real name behind what they are saying. If they were willing to do this then it would mean they were risking their reputation online, and people would take them more seriously. You can take the risk that they are not willing to take to crack that niche.

You need a lot of articles to get traffic

So many people get discouraged to write articles for competitive niches because the thought of having to write so many articles makes them feel intimidated. In this case they will avoid writing them.

You do not want to do this, because in all honesty if you do a little bit of research to validate the points you make in a piece of content and you inject some of your personality and personal thoughts into your writing, then you can create just one or two pieces of content and have that article become a staple stone now and in the future.

There are marketers who have just one article out there and it brings them thousands of visitors a month. If it is really good a big news site might pick it up and then the crush will really be big. You will then have a much easier time replicating this success in the future.

You have to be an expert at research

Not everyone possesses the ability to research like a scholar, but that does not mean you cannot come up with good ideas for a competitive niche and then find strong points to validate what you are saying. Most of your focus is going to be on projecting your personal opinions and thoughts into what you are saying.

You will only offer up a few points in order to strengthen or support whatever argument you are trying to make. Once this has been done focus on the delivery of your content and its entertainment value to readers. There is a lot of content that doesn’t do this, and it is usually viewed as being boring.

So do you still believe that you have to write a million articles in order to crack a large and competitive niche? Hopefully what I have said in this article has convinced you that this is no the case by a long shot.

Every niche no matter how big it is will always be hungry for fresh and valuable content that was written with them in mind. If you are able to do this, and you are truly concerned about the needs and wants of a given niche, then you can definitely crack it with but a few articles.  Share your thoughts below.

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2 thoughts on “Competetive Niches – Do You Think You Must Write A Million Articles To Compete?

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  2. Antone Roundy

    Well said, Robin.

    I think one of the reasons a lot of people get into article spinning, autoblogging, etc., is because they’re afraid that as “non-experts”, they don’t have anything worth saying.

    It occurs to me that anyone with a little experience in their niche is going to know enough to be able to recognize some of the incorrect stuff that’s being posted by the people they used to think were experts. There’s something to write about right there — debunk the bunk.

    On the flip side, they’re also going to get better and better and recognizing the gems when they come across them. There’s another thing to write about: grab a quote from a good article, link to it, and add your own comments to make an article of it.

    Neither of these approaches requires heavy-duty expertise — just the ability to recognize things that are worth talking about them, and to add a little original thought to them so that you’re not just acting as a human article spinner.


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