Creative Ways You Can Rake In Lots Of Cash By Blogging

Making money being a blogger does not have to be has hard as some people seem to make it. I know you are tired of hearing the same old methods. But the reality is these methods work, the real question is do you have the drive and work ethic to stick with it? If you do then you can begin making money sooner then you know by writing simple blog posts. All you need are some simple ways to get the ball rolling.

Writing guest blog posts

I am pretty sure you have heard about this method, writing guest blog posts. You probably do not take it seriously and that is because you cannot see just how powerful it is. You are missing out on the chance to make a killing. The internet is never ending, and there are lots of people who would be happy to let you write a guest blog posts for them. If you are the type of person who needs a step by step approach in order to take action then here is one.

Pull out your favorite keyword research tool

Find plenty of keywords and phrases related to your particular niche. It should be at least 12 good keywords and phrases.

Record all of these words and go to Google

Take a given keyword and put it into the search engine

Add the following text “guest bloggers wanted”

Example Niche/mature dating= “mature dating”+ “guest bloggers wanted”

Go to as many sites as you possible and record all the ones who are actively looking for guest bloggers. You should be able to easily see it in the headline or somewhere in the text before you even click over.

Start contacting all of those sites and try to get set up with as many of them as possible

Why is this so effective?

When you use the strategy I just outlined you will be able to collect possibly hundreds of different blogs and websites that are looking for guest bloggers. You will have leverage over others because the sites where you blog posts will be getting posted are not accessible to just anyone to add content to. You are going to benefit from that websites preexisting authority and you should be able to get quite a few backlinks from doing this.

These are the type of backlinks that are going to have value because there will be very few other backlinks on the site. So the value you are getting is a lot.

How will this be monetized?

You are going to monetize this method by simply making sure the landing page people come to when they click the link in the guest post is set up to capture visitors or show them something that might lead to a conversion. You have to understand that the secret to making money with this method is to focus on it solely. By making this your core method you can easily create a snow ball effect.

Deciding to scale it up with a paid method

If you want to scale up how much you can make with blogging, then you should take whatever money you make and reinvest it. The method I just mentioned is a great way of getting free traffic, backlinks, and getting your own content ranking high. However, if you want to make more money, then a paid method can do it for you even faster.

What to do

What you can do is conduct research to find high trafficked blogs in your niche that accept ads for Google content network. Once you see this you can head over to Google and set up an account to run a ppc ad. What you will be doing though is focusing your ads on specific sites.

Google makes this easy and it will also lower the amount of money you spend. You can easily have ads on dozens of high trafficked sites targeted to your niche and be making a lot of money in no time. You will need to monitor your progress though and dump sites that are not converting.

These two methods work, because they focus on leveraging the success of others, even if it is minimal. When you decide to use the paid method after you have made some money you earnings will get even better. Making money with blogging could not be any easier. Just make sure that if you use the paid option that your blog fits in with what Google is accepting of.

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7 thoughts on “Creative Ways You Can Rake In Lots Of Cash By Blogging

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  2. Mari-Lyn

    Great article Robin, since I am in the middle of a guest blogging collaboration. Seven women have gotten together to guest blog on each person website.

    What is so cool as you have said, it’s powerful because to can reach into their audience..

    • Thomas O'Hearn

      That’s a great idea for bloggers to do. I recently did this for my website, and other blogs (Ana from Traffic Generation Cafe) have talked about the effectiveness of this method. There is even a website for this, and I bet you’ve heard of it. ;-) Triberr.

      Finding quality members to add to your tribe, those who will add quality comments to your posts when you publish them, can be invaluable to the growth and ‘social proof’ of a new blog.

      All the best!

    • Thomas O'Hearn

      Why do you think that?

      I guest posted 6 days ago on and the results have been incredible. Over 30 new subscribers to my blog, a nice traffic spike, and over 70 comments on my post that includes several links to my web site.

      Seems all good to me for a couple hours work!

      • Josh

        I was wondering the same thing. We’ve had a LOT of success with guest posting. Its probably one of the top best ways I know of right now for a new blogger to get their name out there and get some exposure. It really is win/win for both the guest poster and the blog owner. It’s also a great way to network.

  3. Dee

    I’m really excited about this idea! This would be a great way to get high quality backlinks. Since Google is penalizing sites for having backlinks from blog networks, and automated submissions to article directories, it gets harder to create high quality backlinks. This could be the answer. I’m glad I stopped by – I found you from a comment you left on Roz Gardner’s site.


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