Everything counts! – Using Every Available Resource to Get More Traffic.

If David Beckham likes my site then you should too!

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If David Beckham likes my site than you should too!

If David Beckham likes my site than you should too!

How with no SEO experience I’m using any and every way to make it big.

A little bit jaded with my current job I summed up my life experiences and skills a little over six months ago and thought to myself: “What can I actually do well?” I’m sure many of you have been there before in that exact situation and are also perhaps frustrated writers never having the time to get out that one good novel that’s in all of you. And that’s why we all, frustrated writers and those looking for the Golden Egg, all turn to blogging.

And then that’s when we realize there’s a lot more to it than a swift pen and sharp tongue.
I’m not an expert but have managed to grow my Android/iPhone review website to  over five hundred hits a day yesterday. Small change for some but a very, very good start for a fairly new blog.
Monetization is always a key factor and that is why I chose Blogger for the easy integration of Ad-Sense and the ability to link my Amazon Associates account. But for me  the main factor about the cash is traffic, traffic,traffic. I’ve adopted a crazily scatter shot approach which is slowly starting to bear fruit, I won’t go into immense detail with all the ins and outs of my various methods of increasing traffic, as you’d be here reading for a very long time indeed. I’ll just touch on each of the methods I’ve used and then invite you to go out and do what I have done: Keep everything legit, but try everything. Throw enough mud at the wall and eventually you might have a Pyramid!

[quote style=”boxed”]Interaction is key and that’s why one of my basic strategies is to get my name and the name of my website everywhere.[/quote]

Take Twitter for example, I’ve got just over five hundred followers in two months in the simplest way possible: Find as many people on Twitter that share similarities to you and follow them! I blog about Smartphone apps so I simply found all people related to that topic and followed them. And then you have to interact, thank those who follow you back. Jump into conversations, offer advice to those asking for it, appeal directly to people to read your blog, don’t make every twitter a link follow but do add some, soon you’ll see people coming to your blog from there and that is when you know you’re interacting with people.
From Twitter I found a website that collected family friendly and kids apps together. The site was sheer gold as from there I could contact developers directly and invite them to feature their apps on my blog. I became well known enough on the site (which featured over five hundred developers talking about their apps) that they permanently linked my site and started to invite me to their weekly ‘Facebook Parties’ where they would feature apps of the week and get developers and journalists a chance to chat and meet each other.
Naturally this prompted me to get my dormant Facebook page up and running again as I had a ready made market which gave me thirty Facebook likes on the first Facebook Party.
With the links I had made there and on Twitter I had quickly got to the stage where about 5 app developers a week were asking me to feature their apps on my site. In exchange I asked for links to their sites, Facebook likes and Twitter follows. All adding to the immense social marketing that I was doing. Not only that but many developers would give me Promo Codes for Apps which I would use for Giveaways on Twitter, expanding my popularity amongst my readers and also marketing those developers’ apps further!

Taking it even further:

I now had a fairly regular writing schedule and at any time of day could expect to log on to my email (which naturally is the same name as my Blog title) and find a request for an app review. This was great because while all this writing was going on Google Ad-Sense was ticking away in the background slowly adding up the pennys and I could find the most spurious links between every one of my posts and add an Amazon product on there.
Having the ready made readership of the App Developers and their Families was great but I of course needed more, so there was no harm into looking into Google Insights and adding high search ratio keywords for all my posts. I would be foolish to just let the posts sit there so also marketed them directly on Blogobo; Stumble-Upon and Digg.
Taking things a step further as it was all about making money of course I also added a ‘job’ on Fivver.com the site that lets you advertise any service for Five Dollars. Naturally the service I advertised was App Promotion , as this was already what I was doing! This has so far brought in about Fifty dollars too and a whole bunch of hits for my sight.
And of course interactions like this one right here are important too, backlinking to every blog similar to mine, all in the name of more readers.

You’ve also got to use all of  your resources and connections and that’s why David Beckham is up there on the top of my post. Yup that’s me with him and the message I attached to that photo on Tumblr was ‘If David Beckham likes my site than you should too!’
So to make money you need to get popular and interact with the web and the world and people who might like what you do and who you are in any way you can.
So far it’s working for me.

Hope to see each and every one of you on the cover of Fortune500

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9 thoughts on “Everything counts! – Using Every Available Resource to Get More Traffic.

  1. Josh

    Great post Duwain. It really is crazy how fast things can start to add up when using social media and networking.

  2. Robert

    I’ll agree with you here. It really is essential that you take advantage of every little opportunity that you can to get every little bit of traffic. It may seem like nothing at the time, but they all add up eventually!

  3. Justin Mazza

    Hi Duwain,

    I haven’t really taken the time yet to get more followers on Twitter but I will take your advice in this post about how to do that.

    take care…

  4. Andy

    Interaction is the most important if you want to survive in social media. Interaction gives boost to your blog or site.

  5. Mark Nett

    Duwain you have given me some nice understanding of what should a newbie do for attracting more followers.

    I studied from many forums that interaction with people is the key & you should be loyal to your users.

  6. Lexi

    What you say is true and I thought I was making use of all the resources I had availale to me but then I realised after looking at this post I have an old photo of none other than david beckham and myself! I might put that to use!

  7. Cindy

    I totally agree, interaction is the most important thing in the social media, and it doesn’t depend on you are doing a business site or a private or nonprofit account.

  8. Gametrender

    Great to see my article making a difference to some of you. Profitblog has been great in promoting this article and it has helped Gametrender expand our network even further. I’d heartily recommend interacting with Profitblog if you have anything relevant to say. I’d certainly rate writing an article for them as being up there with all the other interactions I’ve done to drive traffic to my site. Thanks Guys for a great site-and keep up the hard work evrybody else: It does pay off in the end!

  9. Softmace

    Yep. Social Media is the biggest traffic source for many blogs. I think that the biggest problem with twitter users is that they don’t interact with other people. They simply create an account and hope to be followed by hundreds of other twitter users.


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