Expanding Your Blogs Reach with Video

So I was wasting time on facebook doing some research the other day and came across this video.

*Note: If you’re offended by language and violence Please Don’t click play. If you do… well you’ve been warned.

It’s a funny video but also got me thinking about how much I depend on video for the majority of traffic to a lot of my sites. It’s probably my favorite tool for getting traffic and has been for several years now.

Using Video and sites like youtube is one of the best and most underutilized techniques for gaining more followers to your blog. Now, I know I’m not the first person to say this but video really is where it’s at. If you’re not using it then you’re missing out on one of the biggest resources you have for connecting with people and getting new readers to your site.

[quote] “But I’m Shy on camera, that’s why I’m a writer..” – Nancy P. Blogger III[/quote]

A lot of bloggers are drawn to blogging or writing in general because they don’t feel comfortable making videos or being on camera. As the old saying goes “she’s got a face for radio”…

That’s not a problem though and doesn’t need to be an excuse for skipping videos. There are lots of ways to make a video without ever showing your face or even using your voice for that matter. At the very least all you need are your already awesome writing skills, maybe a few pictures and some software to edit it together. Kinda like writing a blog post. Of course you can always go a lot fancier than that and make super epic videos that go on to get a million billion views but even a crappy video that only gets a few pity views from your moms knitting club is better than the video that never got made.

Some of the advantages to using videos are:

  • Exposure to people that never would of seen you.
  • SEO link juice back to your site.
  • Increased rapport with your users.
  • Social sharing of your video to an even greater audience.
  • The ability to reach out beyond your writing and connect with people via a different medium.

[quote]”I don’t know what to make videos about though!” – Gerome Bloggingston[/quote]

The exact same things you blog about. If you can write a blog post about something then you can make a video about it. It really is that easy. In fact there are probably a lot of things that you can make videos of that wouldn’t merit a full post on your site but would be perfect for a quick 30 second video.

Some example types of videos:

  • Creating a slide show
  • Making a Tutorial
  • Reading your blog post out loud
  • A Video Supplemental to your blog post
  • Reviewing a Product
  • An Interview
  • A Pod Cast – like your own radio show
  • Etc…. the list goes on and on

[quote] “But isn’t making video hard?” – Larry “the blog guy” Nooberstein Jr.[/quote]

No, not at all! There are several softwares out there that make recording and editing your videos easy.

Screen Recording:


Note* If you’re going to record voice be sure to get a good mic, preferably one that plugs in through USB.

Here’s the one I use:


It’s cheap and works great.

You can always upgrade to something better like the snowball mic or something if you want later but for just getting started something like this will be just fine.

The funny thing is that most of you reading this have probably made videos of some kind in the past and posted them on youtube. There’s a difference though between posting one or two random videos of your nephews birthday party and consistently posting niche related content with links pointing back to your site. A big difference. Video like anything else is only going to give you back what you put into it. The better your videos are and the more videos you make the more traffic you’re going to get.

So do your self a favor and get crack’n on those videos. You’ll be glad you did.

Alright, that’s enough for now. I’m sure I’ll post more on this topic in the future but I hope I’ve given you enough to at least get started.

If anyone needs me I’ll just be over here making videos and posting them on youtube…


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6 thoughts on “Expanding Your Blogs Reach with Video

  1. Simmeon

    Hey Josh,

    I’ve found that you can rank super fast for longtail keywords as well. Only recently I started to use videos as a way of reaching out to a new audience. The only thing that was holding me back was my confidence but I overcame that with the help of reading some inspiring stories.

    All bloggers should seriously consider this method.

  2. Ishan

    I have not yet experimented with videos but I think I should start now.

    Thanks for the resources mentioned in the post, they will be great to start with.

  3. Ben

    I use that exact same microphone, and I can say it does work great. Just be sure you’re not too close to a wall (facing one) or it might be a little off. You can fix this by moving the mic around and testing it. Overall great quality mic for the price.

  4. Michael

    Videos drive incredible traffic and can provide a significant boots to revenue and help get your brand out. I use video distribution software like Traffic Geyser to blast my videos out to various video directories and it works wonderfully.


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