Generating Traffic To Your Blog By Means Of Using Other Peoples Blogs

generating-trafficWhat do you believe is the best way to get traffic to your blog? Do you believe you should be focusing on SEO and hope that you can get your content ranking? Do you think you should be submitting articles to article directories in the hopes that your blog will get traffic from them? How about submitting your blog pages to social bookmarking websites?

We have all heard these methods for getting traffic generation, and most of them are time consuming and mostly yield minimal results. Very few real visitors visit social bookmarking websites anymore and those that do are usually other webmasters. Articles directories have been slammed by Google and yield very little traffic.

When it comes to SEO no one really seem to know what works these days. It can take forever for you to know if a given method is working. The best way to get traffic to a blog these days is to fish in someone else’s pond. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as you are doing it the right way.

Why focus on other peoples blogs?

The reason why it is so good to focus your traffic generation methods towards other people’s blogs is because these blogs are already established. It is easy to know if your efforts are working because you can use various tools to track where you traffic is coming from if you had a backlink on a given blog. Another benefit, and I believe the most powerful benefit, would be the fact that no matter what level your blog is at, you can find a blog that will network with you.

The 4 level of established blogs

The first level of blog is one that has just been created and has only been around for a few months. It might be getting content put on it regularly, but it is not really getting any serious traffic yet.

The second level of blog is one that has been around for at least a year, has several pages ranking, and gets at least 100 visitors a day or more. Usually this type of blog will have some page rank.

The third level of blog is one that has been around for more than one year. This type of blog is usually getting 5 figure traffic per month, is generating a good income for the owner, and has good standing with Google.

The fourth type of blog is one that gets 6 figure traffic per month, might have hundreds of pages, and has a page rank that is usually very high. The owner is usually a strong expert in their niche.

Why do I mention these categories?

I mention these categories because it is important for you to know what type of blog you are dealing with when you are trying to leverage one to build up the traffic to your own. The value your blog has to offer should be in accordance with the blog you are focusing your efforts on. For instance, a fourth level blog is most likely not going to be do follow. It is going to be tough to get comments approved.

It is also going to be tough to get them to let you do a guest posts for them. On the other hand a level one or two blog will most likely be more than willing to help you. You can usually find plenty of blogs in these categories that are do-follow if do-follow backlinks are what you are looking for. In a lot of them comments might get automatically approved.

Focusing on upper level blogs

If you choose to focus on upper level blogs to build up the traffic to your blog, then you will need to make sure the comments you leave are very good. You goal is to funnel traffic directly from these sites. Also, you might be able to place ads on them if that site allows ads.

Going at it full scale

In order for you to leverage other peoples blogs to build traffic to your own you must be focusing on several blogs on a consistent basis. I would say 25-50. I am referring to blog comments, guest posting, and website targeted pay per click advertising. By focusing on a nice number of niche related blogs you can easily drive hundreds of visitors to your blogs in a short period of time. Anyone can do this and build steady traffic to their blog.

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