5 Keys To Help You Get Traffic from Twitter

You cannot seem to depend on search engine traffic the way you could in the past. Google is constantly making so many updates and pretty soon the traffic will dry up altogether. It seems like virtually anything you do will put you on the wrong side of Google. Why have all your eggs in one basket with Google when you can decide to use twitter traffic to grow your readership and drive targeted traffic to your website?

Twitter traffic is some of the best around, assuming you have done your research well in advance. Here are five critical components you need to research in your audience. Following these five components will help you get twitter traffic that is effective and long-lasting.

Knowing what your audience wants and needs

In order to get twitter traffic that is targeted, you will first need to carefully research what type of things the audience is into. You want to use these interests to create products and or messages tailored to those things.

Your audience will not always want super informative content; sometimes they may simply want entertaining content. It is going to be very important for you to understand this and mix things up every now and then. Understanding what your audience wants and needs will ensure you are always on the right side of things.

Knowing how your audience likes to have messages delivered

Even though twitter traffic is very good, and a lot of people frequent twitter on a daily basis, sometimes people will not always want to have information delivered by means of 140 characters in a condensed fashion. Some people want information delivered to them in formats that make it easy for them to stay focused.

Some people may appreciate audio files, while others may appreciate videos. Make it an aim of yours to know how your audience likes to have specific information delivered. Once you know how your audience likes to receive information be sure to send it to them that way.

Understanding what subjects are on their mind at any given moment

In order for you to get targeted twitter traffic, you’ll need to constantly be in on the conversations of your niche. The reason this is is because your niche will be talking about certain things at certain moments.

Sometimes you can take this opportunity to get in on a conversation that will allow you to  tweet links things back to your website. What might’ve been popular yesterday might not be popular today in the twitter world regarding your niche. You never want to come in on the conversation that has long since lost its appeal to your niche.

Looking into trends that are growing

Twitter traffic can come in waves sometimes or little small increments. The best way to help get twitter traffic in large waves would be to constantly look for trends that are growing in popularity. Your goal is going to be getting in on these trends as they are about to rise so you can be well-positioned when they reach their height.

Trends in your niche on twitter that have reached a high point should bring in massive traffic as long as you put the right message in front of them at that time. Following trends on twitter isn’t always easy and it can be time-consuming. You must remember though, following these trends consistently will pay off in the long.

Understanding how your niche speaks on twitter

If you really want to get targeted twitter traffic, you’ll need to know more about your niche than simply what they want and need, and what type of information they like and how they like having it delivered. You’ll need to understand the type of lingo your niche uses to speak on twitter.

You’ll need to understand the specific words and phrases they use so you can converse with them in a similar fashion. Speaking to them in this fashion will help you to establish rapport much faster, and this will lead to traffic faster as well.

Following these five components concerning twitter traffic will help you get more than what you may be able to handle. Your goal is to establish enough rapport with your target audience so they come back for more.

People have to see you as being genuine and they must feel like you actually care about what they are talking about. The only way to do this is to position yourself in front of them at times when certain hot topics are being discussed and or problems relevant to them at the moment.

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4 thoughts on “5 Keys To Help You Get Traffic from Twitter

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  3. Leanne Chesser

    What a great article! It’s so important to know your audience in all the ways you’ve stated. This is my focus on my blog and on Facebook but I find it more difficult on Twitter. I need to devote the time to it!


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