Have You Tried Writing Your Own Content For Article Marketing And Gotten Tired? Here Is Why

If you had the ability to write some words on paper and then take them to a shop that would pay you anywhere from five dollars to fifty dollars for every piece of written material you turned in how many pieces would you write? Would you write one hundred or how about a thousand? This might surprise some folks, but a lot of people might not write any.

Instead they will give it a try and then give up because they will quickly lose motivation. Why do you think this is? There are many reasons, but the person who wants to be successful at article marketing or marketing on the Internet period must be willing to write articles.

If they are not then they must pay someone else to do it, but this can become costly. Instead I am going to help you understand why you might feel the way you feel about writing articles so you can figure out effective solutions to deal with this roadblock to making piles of money on the Internet.

Doubting your writing ability

I’ll bet that if you are complaining that you get tired when you try to write your own content it is probably because you have a fear you will not be able to write the way you need to. You are basically questioning your writing ability, and because your confidence level is not high enough you are not taking action or you are taking too little action. If you feel this way you will feel really anxious or stressed at the thought of writing articles.

In order to get over this you must devise a plan that will help you increase your confidence level so these feelings can be overcome. Once your confidence in your own writing ability increases you will be surprised at how easy it is to sit down and crank out quality content.

Certain subjects intimidate you

I’ll bet that you have an easier time writing articles if you are writing about certain subjects. These subjects can be ones you know about or ones you are simply interested to write about. In any case your confidence level is going to waiver based on what you are writing about.

You must get over such a problem, because if you are going to be a successful article marketer or Internet marketer you must be able to write on a large number of different topics. I believe most of your fear in this department comes from fear of how hard it will be to do research for a certain topic.

So in order to overcome this devise a more effective research method and idea compilation method so you can quickly gather information on any topic you want.

Writing too much

A lot of Internet marketers and article marketers have been conditioned to believe that if they do not write a lot of articles then they cannot possibly hope to succeed over someone who is. Well this is not the case, the fact of the matter is if you are trying to write way too much then this can begin to weigh on anyone after awhile. When this happens you are suffering from burnout.

The thought of sitting down to write more articles depresses the crap out of you and you will procrastinate. So in this case the solution would be to cut back on how many articles you are trying to write. Focus instead on quality and not quantity. Maybe if you are writing 3 articles per day instead of trying to write 10 it will be easier for you to get started and see the project through.

Not writing about passionate subjects

This is a sticky area, because you may have to write about subjects you are not crazy about if you want to make money with article marketing. This is even truer if you decide to write for other people. The problem here comes about because you just do not like what you are writing about.

If this is the case for you, then try focusing on writing content based on things that stimulate you and monetize them yourself. This is going to be harder, and it might take you longer to see money from this module, but it might be more rewarding. Also, place the articles in places where people can leave feedback so you can see the impact they are having. This will give you more motivation to sit down and write those articles.

Writing is not your enemy; in fact writing is like having a money machine. If you are willing to develop discipline and if you are willing to stick with it, then you will have the chance to build a solid income online. Content = Money.  PERIOD.

You will have little competition, because there are so many people who are afraid to write articles, and these people do not want to part with the money to pay someone else to do it for them. If you are able to get over your lack of belief in yourself, then you will cross the bridge of doubt into the land of Internet marketing success.


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