Here’s How to Check Your Rankings for Specific Keywords

How many times have you tried searching your target keyword phrases into Google, just to find out what position your website is currently being ranked at  in the major search engines? I know I used to check my rankings practically all of the time, and I’m assuming some of you are probably in the same boat.  It can be rather annoying, frustrating, and most of all – time consuming.   There are much easier ways to check your rankings than by doing it by hand. That’s the reason I wanted to make this quick blog post.

Now, I personally use Market Samurai to keep track of multiple keywords for all of my websites and blogs, but sometimes I just want to do a quick search without loading up any software programs.

The good news, is that I found a really cool free SEO tool that lets you check your current search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for any given keyword phrase in just a couple of seconds flat!

It’s a free  Rank Checker by

I decided to choose just one keyword for one of my sites, so you can see how it works.  Here is a screenshot of the form you fill out to get your rankings:

See how simple it is?  Just add your keyword phrase along with the website / webpage you are checking the rank of.  Below are the results that were generated:

As you can see, this free SEO tool gives your ranking positions in the top 3 search engines, as well as gives you some ideas for other keyword phrases (which really helps a lot if you’re doing SEO)

When you scroll down a bit further, it also shows very specific results of the top 40 positions for each search engine.  It actually lists the top 40 results (exact URLs) for Google, Yahoo, and Bing so that you can click on each one and further investigate (or spy) on your competition.  A big thank you goes out to for having such an amazing & quick SEO tool.

They actually have other tools that are just as cool, so check them out as well!  One of them is the page keyword analyzer –

So, if you don’t have enough money to buy Market Samurai yet, some of these free tools should get you by for a while.  However, when you start tracking dozens of keyword phrases, and multiple sites / URL’s, it might make more sense to get an all-in-one software like Market Samurai.

Anyways, try out these free SEO tools out and let me know what you think!  Post your comments below.

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Ben is the co-founder of and a regular writer and contributor to the site. He has been involved in internet marketing since 2005, and has created many profitable websites in several different niche markets. While many of his sites are still consistently making money, (and a few have been sold off for a nice payday), he's recently grown a passion for sharing his knowledge of online marketing with others through his various training courses, as well as through blogging. You can learn more about Ben and his story by Clicking Here

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12 thoughts on “Here’s How to Check Your Rankings for Specific Keywords

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  2. Rafique

    Hi Ben,
    I have learned little about keyword research but facing a huge problem with the stat of position of my site. I have at last found it. You know I have tested this tool while reading your post. It’s a magic tool to check the search Engine position. Even we can check many search related stat from it which will help to take extra care needed for our site. Thanks for your nice information.

  3. Dan Reed

    Ben, just used the tool and interesting enough, I used “review of Social Monkee” and I have 2 of top 10 out of 1,430,000 competing pages on Google. One is from my blog and the other is IMFaceplate. I have never had such a high ranking, except for the name of my blog, which isn’t a very good keyword. Thanks for the post.

  4. Anne Sales | Coupon Codes

    Hi Ben, I’m new to blogging and I’m glad I stumbled upon your post. I know very little about keyword and SEO but every day I’m learning something new. Thanks for sharing. I’m bookmarking your post.

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