How Aggressive Do You Have To Be In Order To Make Money Blogging?

If you want to make money blogging, how aggressive do you believe you have to be in order to make it happen? Do you believe you need to leave messages all over your blog telling people to click over to a certain sales page? Do you believe you have to make people join your lists in order to make money blogging? Do you feel like a more passive approach will not work for you?

You have been conditioned wrong

Internet marketers and those who want to make money with blogging have been conditioned to believe that only aggressive marketing tactics will work. Many of these people have tried other methods in the past, and they were told by other successful marketers that they have to do things such as leaving a call to action. You can leave a call to action, but it does not have to jump out at the reader and make them feel like you are trying to force them.

How aggressive tactics make readers feel

When certain messages are put on a content page in a certain way it makes people feel like your only intent is on getting them to do something they may not want to do. You do not want people to think this if you want to make money blogging. What you want them to think is how glad they are to have found your blog.

You want to offer advice that is actually going to help them solve a problem. If someone actually walks away, tries something that your blog recommended, and then see that it works, what do you believe is going to be the end result?

The value of a satisfied reader free from aggressive tactics

This satisfied person is going to want to know more from you regarding your content. You now have this funny little thing called credibility. If you decide to casually recommend a product this person will take your word for it that it works, because you have already demonstrated that you know what you are talking about. Demonstration of results is always the best way to get people to trust you. Aggressive marketing tactics are not.

Why people come to your blog

I want you to understand that people do not come to your blog because they are looking to be sold. People will come to your blog because they are looking for a solution to their problems or some other type of information they feel your blog will provide.

Anything else they decide to do on the site must be because your content is good. It is having good content that will make people take action. So if you feel you must be aggressive, then be aggressive in creating content that people will like.

The benefits of good blog content

If people like the content you create they will want more and more. Once you have built up enough of a following you can create special content that you will offer for sale to only a select few. You might not believe that people will pay for content you create if you provide them with other content for free, but they will. This is what I like to call letting things happen naturally instead of trying to force the issue.

Letting things happen naturally

When you let things happen naturally people do not feel like they are being deceived. People will not come to your blog with their defenses up thinking you are going to try and sell them something. People will respect that you are not trying to force the issue, and as a result they will respect you more overall. One thing is true though; you definitely have to let people know what you want them to do if you want to make money blogging.

However, you want to do this in a casual way such as leaving an opt in box at the bottom of your page for people to sign if they want to. If certain messages are plastered all over your site, it is going to make it look quite unattractive. Tone it down; making money with blogging requires you to focus on saying something people actually value.

If certain aggressive tactics you are using take away from that, then it will not be long before you are losing readers to your competition. Once the tone has been set that you have an agenda, it is going to be hard to change the minds of your readers.

Trust me, if your blog is good then people will gladly pay for products you mention or create without having a gun put to their head.

Please leave a comment on this post and share with others how aggressive marketing tactics have either worked for you or hurt your efforts.

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3 thoughts on “How Aggressive Do You Have To Be In Order To Make Money Blogging?

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  2. Hamish

    Great post. I’m sure that a great many people will benefit from that advice.

    After a while of not enough/no earnings, it’s easy to succumb to the temptation to plaster banning and flashing images all over the page – which is, more often than not, the exact wrong thing to do.

  3. Leanne Chesser

    I agree. It’s about quality content that meets the needs of your readers and is focused on them. It’s about building relationships. It’s about hearing your audience’s needs and providing solutions for those needs. The message that’s sent out is, “I care about you. I hear you.” If you’re all about the sale in a blatant and forceful way, the message you send out is, “It’s all about me. I don’t really care about you. Just buy my stuff.”


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