How Can You Introduce Products When Writing A Blog Without Being Too Salesy?

There are many ways to use a blog to make money, and successful Internet marketers are aware of this. But one trap a lot of people fall into is being overly promotional when they are trying to monetize their blogs. Yes, trying to advertise various products is definitely a good way to capitalize off of a successful blog.

But it’s a good idea to focus on aspects of a product that are going to be beneficial to the reader rather than being blatantly promotional. How you can introduce products when writing a blog without being overly promotional? That is what I’m going to discuss in the following paragraphs.

Focusing on the problems of the reader

Whenever someone comes to your blog, they have arrived there because they are looking to have a certain problem solved. They are really hoping your content is going to provide the solutions they are looking for. If they get those solutions they walk away with a sense of satisfaction and there’s a good chance they’ll come back for more in the future.

This should be your primary focus if you are trying to recommend a product or service to your readers. You want to focus on their problems first and foremost, after you do this unassumingly point them in the direction of the solution. The solution should be the product or service you want to promote.

Mentioning the product repeatedly

If it is your goal to promote a product or a service on your blog, then it is a good idea for you to mention it unassumingly and then move on. Too many Internet marketers make direct mention of a product way too many times. It becomes obvious the sole purpose of the content is to sell the reader on the product.

Even though this may seem like a good thing, it is not seen as a good thing to the reader. This makes you lose credibility, because you’re going to have a biased opinion of whatever product you are trying to promote. The reader isn’t going to be able to trust anything you say once this becomes obvious.

Focusing on the benefits

Focusing on the problems a particular product will solve is always the best way to go. After you have laid out what the problems of your readers are, then you will want to point out the benefits of using a particular product to solve it. You want this to be done in a very unassuming way. The benefits should be made mention of on more than one occasion. It is far easier to sell benefits to your readers then it is to constantly recommend a product.

Using the end of your blog post

If you really want to leave your readers with something hard hitting, then the end of your blog post is the time to do it if your ultimate goal is to promote a particular product or service. Assuming your content is good enough to get people to read through to the end you’re going to have a very good chance of getting them into a sales funnel. But even at the end you don’t want to be overly promotional, what you want to do is push those emotional hot buttons your readers may have in the hopes they will take the desired action.

Project a little bit of negativity into your product introductions

If your goal is to recommend a product or a service to your readers, then projecting a little bit of negativity into your recommendations is a good idea. And I don’t mean the way some people do it where they make a negative statement but immediately cover it up with something good. You want to have a genuine negative comment about a product in order to make it seem authentic.

Your ability to sound unbiased is going to be important if you hope to sell products by means of your blog posts. Also, the fact that you are a bit unbiased will help you stay away from being overly promotional.

You must remember when people are reading your blog posts that they came there to get help, not be sold to. Your attempt to sell them aggressively becomes very obvious and it is a complete turnoff. All aggressive promotion of a product on your blog is going to do is take away from everything you are trying to accomplish.

Hopefully what you are trying to accomplish is helping the reader with their problems or educating them on something. But if they feel you are being too promotional, then it becomes hard for them to take anything else you say seriously.

Take a second and leave a comment below.  What are your thoughts on this?

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