Getting Your Comments Approved. Are You Adding Value?

Whatever someone decides to get involved in serious blog commenting one thing they will keep on hearing is they must add value with the comments they leave. What exactly does it mean to add value? Adding value means you must say something that people will actually care about reading. You must say something that will add value to the general blog post itself.

You must make people actually care and as a result want to read more from you. The reason so many marketers are unsuccessful with blog commenting is because they cannot understand what it means to add value. So below are a few tips that can help you add value to your blog comments and get them approved at a higher rate.

Giving an example that relates to you in relation to a particular post

Sometimes you are going to read a blog post that has a subject that relates to experiences you have had in your life. People may say they do not care about the details of someone else’s life, but sometimes they do. Anyone who is reading a certain blog will greatly appreciate it if an example was left in the form of a comment in order to illustrate a point the blogger is trying to make.

If you are able to give an example that properly illustrates a certain point, then this is definitely contributing value and it will be rewarded.

Adding points to the general post that may have been missed

After you have read a post on a blog and you are thinking of leaving a comment, one of the best ways to add value would be adding a point. The point is nothing more than an idea that is going to expand on the general point of the blog post.

You must make sure it is something good and you must make sure you back it up appropriately. As long as the point you are making serves as a good discussion starter, then it has a high chance of being approved, because it is contributing value.

Disagree with a point a certain blog post makes

One excellent way to contribute value to a blog would be too find a point the blog owner is trying to make and disagree with it. However, when you disagree you want to make sure you are respectful about it. And when you do disagree you want to make sure whatever you are saying on the opposing side is actually something that will be appreciated. Make sure you have solid information to back up whatever argument you are trying to make against the blog owners main point.

Describe how you feel about a particular blog post

You will come across blog posts that will make you feel a certain way, even if you do not intend to have a certain reaction. One great way for you to add value in your blog commenting would be to describe the reactions you are having to what you are reading. Describe why that blog post is making you feel the way it is.

People will read blog comments like this and they may even begin to resonate with you. It is a great way to get other commenters commenting on your comment. Once you are able to achieve this then you know you are doing something right.

Leave useful links back to your own site as well as other websites

Whenever you decide to do blog commenting you must make sure you leave a link back to your own site always. After all, the main purpose of blog commenting is to get traffic directly to your site as well as network with other bloggers in your niche. The one thing you do not want to do however is frequently leave links back to the homepage of your own website.

If you plan on commenting on one particular blog frequently, then a good strategy would be for you to leave links back to other related blogs as well. This makes you look more natural and is a great way to gain respect.

These are all great ways to add value to your blog commenting efforts. Should you utilize any of the methods I’ve mentioned here then the chances of your blog comments being disapproved are very slim. Getting your blog comments approved is not always going to be easy. If you respect what you are doing and you actually contribute something of true value you will get value in return.

What suggestions do you guys have for creating value in a blog comment? Please feel free to comment below so we can all share our ideas.


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5 thoughts on “Getting Your Comments Approved. Are You Adding Value?

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  2. Shamelle@BetterBloggingWays

    All in all, what’s important is that as a commenter you don’t spam.
    I’ve had many comments by auto generated commenting software and perhaps by some “human” outsources folks as well. They add no value and just comment for the sake of commenting.
    good that we have all the spam filters now. Also, need to make sure that the comment you leave don’t automatically end up in spam as well 🙂
    Good post.

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  4. BeccaSmith

    I’ve been using this method and see that it may be working, but nothing beats getting to know people and building real relationships.

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