How to add a Google Plus Widget to WordPress

Once you’ve made your official Google Plus page for your site you’ll want to add a widget to the sidebar so that people can easily add and follow your sites page. Not only does this help you keep in touch with all 8 people that use Google plus but its also a great way to further verify your site and get a bit more authority for your search rankings.

To put the widget on your site simply go to your Google plus page and click the “profile” link in the left sidebar.

Once on your profile page you should see a link that says “get started”. Click on that and look for the section that says “Connect Your Website”. That will take you to a page that will have the widget creator on it. There are a few settings you can play with to customize the looks but it’s fairly basic. Once you’ve got it the way you want it, simply grab the code and come back to your sites admin area. Click on the “widgets” settings in “appearance” and then place that code you copied into a text widget.

Here’s a quick video I made showing you how I did it for this site.

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