How to Add Youtube Subscribe Widget to WordPress

youtube subscribe widgetAdding a Youtube Subscribe box to your sites sidebar makes it quick and easy for visitors to your site to subscribe to your youtube channel.

It’s very simple and only takes about a minute or less to add.

I’ve made a quick video you can watch that shows how to do it or you can simply follow the steps outlined below.

WordPress Made Easy Video Training

1. Log in to your sites wp-admin area and select Appearance in the left navigation bar. Then click on Widgets.

2. Once on the widgets page you just need to add the text widget. Or if you’ve already got one then you can just edit whats already in it. Note: you can have multiple text widgets so it’s usually best to just add a second one and use that for your Youtube Subscribe box.

3. Next just past this code into the text widget: (Thanks to the official Youtube blog for the code snippet)

4. In the code be sure that you replace the part that says “add Youtube Username here” with your Youtube channel username. You can also adjust the width of the widget by setting a different width in the code.

5. Then hit the “save” button on your text widget and you should be good to go! The widget will automatically pull your channel information from Youtube and display it in the box along with an easy to use subscribe button.

If this helped you and you were able to put the subscribe box on your site be sure to leave a comment below so we can check out your site and youtube channel!

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