How To Beat Out Your Competitors In A Given Niche So You Can Profit

If you are a serious about making money online, then you cannot afford to just jump into any niche. You must select a niche that is going to enable you to make money. It is going to be hard for you to do this if you get into a niche where there are a lot of competitors. The good news is you do not have to be deterred by this. Even if there is a lot of competition in given niche there are ways you can possible get a slice of the pie, and stand out in the crowd.

So you will want to pay close attention to the information I am about to give you in this article. Your competitors have worked long and hard to get their foot into a given niche. So you will have to figure out some of the areas they might be weak in if you hope to catch up to them. This is actually not as hard as you might think it is. All you have to do is learn the proper way to research your competition before you decide to jump in with both feet.

Researching level of involvement

When people are looking for solutions to their problems on the Internet they want to buy from someone or read information from someone who has shown they truly care. In most of the niches you will want to get into people will feel much better buying from you if you show you are truly involved with them. So what you want to do is research the websites that pop up when you are doing a search in a given niche.

Visit each site and measure their level of involvement. Does the website have a user forum so people can come on to discuss the products they have bought or the quality of the information they get from that site? Does the owner of that website offer a lot of information about themselves so people are able to feel a connection to them. Is the person behind the site someone who once suffered from the problems they are telling you how to solve?

All of this is important because it helps those who might have doubts about your credibility trust you a lot more. If the top websites do not offer this in some sort of way then you can come in and contribute what they would not. Another valuable piece of advice I would give you is to look at the websites to see if they have a blog. A blog in a given niche is a good way for a competitor to offer valuable information for free and connect with the niche.

Create better content

Here is the funny thing about content on a website in a given niche. Too many people mistake quality content for overly research content. Now I am not saying you should not research, but you do not want to create content that reads like a research paper. People can find that type of information anywhere. What you do want to do is offer valid proof of anything you might say in your content so that people never question what you tell them.

Look at the content on some of your competitors’ websites in a given niche. Does the content offer valid information and facts to add strength to whatever they are saying? Does the content read in a good conversational way so that people are not bored to tears? Do people walk away from this content feeling like they have gotten something of value or do they walk away wanting more because the article did not deliver on the promises it made?

Show that you care

A really good way to beat out the competition in some of the more competitive niches is to show that you care. How is this best done? One way to do it would be not trying to sell a niche something every time they read a piece of content you created.  You can make money online by sharing some of your best stuff for free! This would give people the idea that all you want to do is sell to them. Instead offer products once in a while, but try to charge good money for them. I can offer you an example of someone who does this quite well.

There is a niche marketer I know who does not sell products directly on his site, except the books he has had published. Every other month this guy comes out with a pay per view that he charges fifty bucks for. He regularly gets several hundred downloads for these pay per views. These shows sell months and months after he created them, the rest of the time he provided value for free. You can do the same in order to show that you care and beat out your competition.


What other ways do you know of that can help make you stand out in a crowded niche market? Post in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “How To Beat Out Your Competitors In A Given Niche So You Can Profit

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  2. antonio manuel tady

    Dear Andy,

    Being innovative do not mean only being creative, it also means being sensitive to the target market that you would like to penetrate. The best example for me would be the baby boomers. This particular target market will be retiring their main concern will be health and recreation, catering their needs on line will be an opportunity for good business.



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