How to Build an Opt-in List?

If you are wanting to know how to build a list, then I hope this article will help spark some ideas for you. Building a list can be fun and very lucrative if you know what you’re doing. Building a list in your chosen niche is by far the single most important thing you can do to be successful. If you aren’t following up with your prospects and customers, you are surely leaving a lot of money on the table. You want to build a long-term relationship with your customers, so that they begin to like and trust you. If you give good value, then this will come easy. Bottom line, if you want a real online business, then you need to know how to build a list.

Ways to Build a List

There are many different methods to building a list, but I am going to briefly go over some of the ones that I have personally used and continue to use.

1. Writing articles and distributing them to article directories.
This is a very simple, yet powerful way to build your list. You write articles on your best keyword phrases, and then submit them to the major article directories. Then, place a call to action in your resource box directing them to a squeeze page. On your squeeze page you can give away a free report on the same topic as your article, or offer them access to an exclusive video in turn for their email address. (Note: a squeeze page is simply a page that has only 1 goal. That is, to capture your visitor’s email address for future relationship building and promotions)

It is always a good idea to have multiple versions of your squeeze page to find out which one converts the best. You should also send traffic to your squeeze page from many other free traffic sources.

2. Create a targeted blog with an optin form.

Creating a high quality content blog in your niche market is one of the best ways to build your list for many reasons. One is that it’s easier to gain trust and build a relationship with your visitor since they get to consume some of your content. Also, blogs are great for building long term sustainable free traffic. You will usually want to have an optin form in your sidebar so that it shows up on every page of your website. Another cool way to get optins is to use a pop-over such as the PopUp Domination Script. This way, your visitor will surely see your optin form, and makes your site look professional.

3. Buy banner ads

Another powerful method to build your list (if you have the cash flow) is to purchase traffic from various sources. My favorite is banner ads. From my experience, the best way to do this, is to do a Google search for your main keyword phrases, and then make a list of all sites that come up. You want to look for websites that appear to be run by a single person. You then can find their contact info and ask them how much they’d charge for a banner ad placement on their site. I have found sites, where the webmaster only wanted $25 a month for a banner that was sending me nearly 3000 hits per month! You just have to do some of the leg work, and test out some sites until you find a winner.

4. Viral Reports

This method used to be extremely powerful for building a list, but has lost its thunder in recent years. I still think it’s powerful enough to use for listbuilding, because it can bring you long term traffic if you do it correctly. Basically, you want to create a really powerful short report that people just have to have. Something like “The 1 secret of _____” or “You MUST Know these 3 Things or _____” you get the idea. The title needs to be as powerful as possible. Inside the ebook, you’ll want to put something in there that says “You now have 100% giveaway rights to this product”. This is because you want this in the hands of as many people as possible. Make sure the content in your ebook is really good. On the last page, you’ll want to sell them up on getting more information, then send them off to your squeeze page. If you do this right, you’ll be getting random free traffic for a long time.

5. Master Resale Rights Products.

This is one of the coolest ways to build your list. There are 2 methods that I recommend. The first one is to create an ebook (or have it outsourced), and then on the first page give some information about yourself and your business. You want to build instant rapport with the reader here. Then on the next page, place a link and a call to action for your blog and / or squeeze page. You also will want to put a call to action at the end of the ebook as well. After the ebook is complete, you’ll want to distribute it to as many people as possible explaining that they will get full re-sale rights to the product as long as it is not changed. It’s best to have a salesletter made for the product as well so that its easier for them to distribute it. You will also need to search for “MRR Products” or “Master resale rights” in Google and find all of the sites that sell MRR products. Simply contact the owner and ask them if they will sell your product there as well (they get a free copy of course).

The second one is a bit different. It has to do with creating an MRR video product to build your list. You’ll need to be a bit creative on this one. Since this can vary widely, I’m just going to give an example of one I have done in the past. I had created a simple video course on how to install and use wordpress. In that video, I told them of a site where they could get some really cool wordpress themes for free. Guess what? The site was also mine, and I simply had a squeeze page that gave away wordpress themes after they opted in. Since the video course was an MRR product, many marketers were selling my product, while building my opt-in list at the same time. The key is to really stress how good the freebie is so that they’ll opt-in to get it 😉

Also, if you plan on using this method, you’ll need to have professional graphics made for your product. If you are already pretty good with Photoshop I recommend using these Photoshop Action Scripts. That’s what I use for all my covers.

6. Giveaway Events

This one is pretty simple. You either create an ebook (preferably like the viral ebook example above), or edit a PLR ebook, and then upload it to giveaway events. You’ll get a steady amount of optins from each event you do. You can find giveaways by searching in Google, but here are a couple of websites that regularly list current giveaway events:

7. List Swaps / Ad Swaps

This is one of the fastest ways to build your list. You will need to have a somewhat responsive list before you can start doing ad swaps. The way it works, is you find someone else with a similar size email list as yours, and then you simply mail out to each others squeeze page.

The best way to build your list however is consistent action. You should try to incorporate list building into every aspect of your internet marketing. It may take some time to get started, but if you are always focusing on building a list, then it will come sooner than you think.

What are your thoughts on Listbuilding? Post your comments below.

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One thought on “How to Build an Opt-in List?

  1. jv giveaways

    Hi Ben,

    I regularly contribute gifts at jv giveaways events. It is a good way to slowly but steadily build a list.

    I know this almost seems like “Well yeah!” but I am giving away very good gifts and finding that my subscribers are becoming loyal followers. It is so easy to fall into the trap of giving away old, outdated stuff thinking that that’s the way to build a list. Trust me .. I learned it the hard way … it isn’t.

    I am not just looking for subscribers I’m looking for solid business relationships. Treat your subscribers like you treat your best friend … because they are!

    Thanks for letting me share with you.



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