How To Get Paid To Blog: It’s Easier Than You Might Think

Most people who are serious about blogging want to know how to get paid to blog in a way that does not revolve around having to generate sales directly. This is understandable, because when it comes to making money with a blog selling products can be one of the toughest roads to go.

I just want to let you know now that if you want to get paid simply to write, then you cannot be in a rush to do it. First we must focus on building some prime real estate so we have something to offer. If not that than we must focus our efforts on people who will be willing to pay us for the value we can offer them directly based on past results and recommendations.

Building a blog with the end in mind

Do not focus on making a certain amount of money daily. Instead build a blog focusing on the amount of money you will be able to get in the long run from it. Think about it this way, if you were to start building a blog right now that you added content to everyday, then it would take no time for you to have a blog with 50 to 100 pages of unique content right?

The thing is, we do not want to focus on the amount of money we can make in the beginning, because that amount is going to be small. What we want to do is work on building up the homepage of our blog and getting the inner pages indexed.

If you can do this for at least a few months then you can have a PR 2 or a PR 3 blog in now time flat. Once you have this your content will be indexed faster and you can focus on adding more content.

If you want to get paid to blog, then you must offer something of value. What you are going to be offering here is a blog with a nice PR and some steady traffic from the work you have put in for the past few months. Forget about adsense, we are going to go to ad networks and sell advertising space to the highest bidder.

There are a bunch of ad networks out there. I do not want you to sell yourself short by going to the networks that pay per 1000 impressions. I want you to sell direct advertising to people for a specific amount monthly based on the traffic you receive.

Think about it this way, if you build a blog, work on it for at least three months, and are getting at least 200 visitors a day to it you should be able to sell monthly advertising for 25.00$ to 100.00$ per month. If you sold advertising to at least 8 people then that would be 200.00$ to 800.00$ per month passive income.

It doesn’t stop there

The amount you are able to charge per month is dependent on the credibility of your website and how much traffic you receive. The more content you add the more traffic you will get, and as a result you will be able to charge more money per advertiser. Within a year you can be charging advertisers as much as a few hundred dollars a month. All you have to do is add a post every once in a while.


Guest blogging

 If you do not want to go through the process I just mentioned then why not just get paid to write for other people?  If you want to know how to get paid to blog then one good way would be to type a chosen niche into the search engine with the add on “+ guest bloggers wanted”. You can just type in “guest bloggers wanted” exactly as I have it hear and you will get thousands of website all looking for bloggers in a given niche.

Look for the niches you like, contact the site owner, and tell them how much you are willing to do it for.   Just make sure you are reasonable with what you ask for. The only flaw with this method is you might have to do it with hundreds of websites in order to get enough people on to make decent consistent income guest blogging.

These two methods are good for those who want to know how to get paid to blog.  Both of them take a lot of work, and might be untraditional, but if you stick to either one of them then you can be making a good second income in no time from blogging.

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