How to Increase Your Productivity and Get More Done!

When people first get into internet marketing, they are usually drawn in by the huge misconception that you barely have to lift a finger, or just click your mouse a few times, and checks will stuff your mailbox like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Well, by now you should know that’s a load of crap. The whole idea spawns from all of the overly hyped up sales letters and sales videos we see from week to week and year to year. They always have bold claims stating that you only need 10 minutes a day, or that even a 5 year old could do this, etc… Sure, you can make a ton of money working only 10 minutes per day, but that doesn’t happen until you’ve already put in a TON of time, effort, and/or money into your business. All of which doesn’t happen overnight. There is no “true” push-button system. There’s always atleast some work involved.

That being said, there is no “easy button” in internet marketing. In fact, most marketers I know work very hard, and in some cases have several employees helping them out, whether it be in house, or outsourcers from overseas. Whatever the case may be, there generally is no such thing as “Get Rich Quick”.

In order to reach your goals as an internet marketer, you will need to learn how to be as productive as possible. Productivity is very important in marketing, and can make or break your business. Speed of implementation is a key component, and can determine whether or not you become successful online.

As an internet marketer, you should know how many different variables play into a successful IM business. Without being organized and productive, there is no way that a single person can perform all of the necessary tasks needed to be a success.

In order to be successful, you need to be organized, and learn to be as productive as possible! I remember days where I would just sit at my computer for hours, only to have read 15 forum threads, watched 5 Youtube videos, and maybe did 5 minutes of actual work. What a waste of time that was! You must get organized to be successful online, and I’m going to share with you the ways I am using now to be much more productive that I ever have been before.

The first thing I suggest is to quit checking your email every 3 to 10 minutes to see if you made another sale yet. That’s just ridiculous. You need to have specific times to check your email so you won’t get distracted. If you have email alerts set up, turn them OFF.

Secondly, you should always have a “to-do list”. The best way is to write your list before bed, review it a few times, and then go over it once again when you wake up. This will get your creative juices flowing overnight, and you can then re-evaluate it in the morning. Many times when I do this, I come up with much more powerful ideas than I had previously had written down.

I also strongly suggest limiting your daily tasks to no more than 5. If you get all 5 of them done and still have lots of
time and motivation, then feel free to start working on something else. When you start out with a list of 10 or 12 things to do, it’s much easier to get distracted, and start losing focus.

For each and every task you are working on, you need to give your full 100% focus on it time until it’s done. If you’ve been working on the task for over an hour or so, take a short break, and then get back into it afterwards. Just do whatever you’re most comfortable doing in order to give the task at hand your undivided attention. You will get a lot more done this way!

The last thing I like to do, is grade myself on my productivity for the day and write it down on a piece of paper next to my computer. I use a scale of 1 to 10 for this purpose. Yeah, I know it sounds kinda stupid, but it works great for me.

When I have a low score for a day, it really makes me want to focus harder on the next day’s tasks, and it really does help me get a lot more done. The more productive you become, the faster the results are that you’ll achieve, and the more free time you’ll have to start on new projects. All of that along with the extra money you’ll be making to grow your business.

With your newly added income, you can start outsourcing all of your daily tasks on sites like and start exponentially growing your business with much less effort. All because you are more productive and organized. It really is that easy, and it all starts with FOCUS.

Try these things out for yourself (as simple as they seem) and watch your productivity and profits grow! Please feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear your ideas on productivity as well!

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One thought on “How to Increase Your Productivity and Get More Done!

  1. Sarasota condos

    It’s funny, I think I may have heard that statement a few times before. And it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Internet marketing is actually a bit complicated if you ask me, because a lot of factors plays into it. Learning the do’s and dont’s alone is a lot of work already, let alone doing the actual work.

    It also doesn’t help that marketers don’t nearly have time for everything that they are doing, most of them skip those tasks and some outsource them. Time is not their friend.


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