How To Make Money With A Blog By Using Advertising As Your Main Key

A lot of people want to know how to make money with a blog; it really isn’t as difficult as some people make it out to be. I’m pretty sure you have heard of the various avenues available in order to monetize a blog. These avenues are quite effective, and if done correctly can easily bring in hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month of automatic income. In order to do this successfully though you must use the platform that is best for you.

Advertising is one of the best avenues you can utilize to monetize your blog. In order for you to get the most out of this platform you must make sure your blog first provides genuine value. The more value your blog provides the more income it will be able to earn.

One of the primary reasons for this is because a blog that provides high-value would be looked at often and for longer periods of time. The longer you are able to keep people on your blog the more likely people are to click on one of the ads it might have or a particular ad you point them in the direction of.

Understanding how advertising works

You see, when you decide to monetize your blog by utilizing advertising what do believe the primary components are that will attract high-paying advertisers to you? One of the first components would be how much traffic your blog is receiving. Advertisers are more than willing to pay a premium amount to advertise on your blog if you are receiving the necessary amount of traffic they require. The more traffic your blog has the more money you will be able to command for advertising space.

Other components that affect advertising on your blog

If your blog is receiving a lot of traffic you can command more money, but there are other aspects that will also affect what you are able to charge for advertising space on your blog. Next we must look at the particular niche you are catering to. Depending on the niche you are catering to your website is going to be optimized with certain keywords that have more value than others. If your blog is receiving traffic for high-value keywords then the value of advertising space on your blog increases even more.

What is being sold?

When you decide to sell advertising space on your blog the amount of money you are able to earn is going to be dependent upon what is being sold through that advertising. An example would be if you were offering advertising space to those selling high-priced digital products. These are ads that are going to make the advertiser a lot of money if sales are made. The higher the possible revenue for the advertiser the greater the rates need to be for your site.

The primary reason for this is because if someone is going to make big money sales on your site and they are getting conversions, then why not find a similar product that you can become an affiliate to and offer it directly in order to earn a large commission? This may be more difficult to do, but if the potential is there this something that is going to cross your mind.

Getting paid directly versus earning pay

If you want to know how to make money with a blog by means of advertising it is going to be important for you to know which advertising platform will pay you simply for an action taken by a visitor versus those that will pay you for direct placement. There are downsides to both methods, selling advertising space on your blog at a set price means you will have to limit how many advertisers you will have. Also the presence of other advertisers on your site may make it less appealing to other advertisers who might be willing to pay you more.

If you decide to utilize advertising that only pays you if a particular action is taken such as adsense or CPA networks then your visitors will need to either click on an ad or fill out a form giving basic information in order for you to earn money. This isn’t going to be guaranteed income, unlike the other module.

Knowing how to make money with a blog by means of advertising requires a lot of forethought. It is going to be important for you to know exactly how valuable an ad on your site is going to be and which mode would offer the highest possible profit to you.

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