How to Use Twitter Trends for Fresh Content Ideas

twitter trends

twitter trendsBlogging is fun, and there are literally millions of things you can write about and share with your audience. But, for some strange reason bloggers experience the “not so fun” thing called writer’s block. It really is a strange phenomenon, because there really is an endless supply of topics, sub topics, and sub sub topics that you can share your thoughts and ideas on.

You can expand on previous posts, or even post about how you are having hard time coming up with a blog post. You get the idea. Anyways, if this happens to you, one cool way to come up with a fresh post that you know people are interested in, is by taking a quick look at Twitter trends.

Most Twitter trends are in the form of a hashtag (#) where a specific topic or keyword has a (#) in front of it like this: #olympics.  hashtags were designed to help people categorize their tweets into trending topics.   Other Twitter trends can be in the form of a popular blog post title that was shared by a large audience, or another popular  trending phrase.

So where do you find these Twitter trends?

Well, the easiest way is to just log into Twitter.  On the sidebar, you should see a list of the current trends on Twitter.  You can change it so that your trends are geo-targeted to your location.  You can choose United States, or even narrow it down even further to specific cities if you like.  This can be a great place to find new blog post ideas, as well as topics that are getting a lot of searches.

This opens up possibilities of your post going viral (if it’s really good).  But, sometimes the trending topics listed there don’t really ‘ jive’ with your blog.  Luckily there are some useful websites out there that focus solely on the latest twitter trends.  One of these sites is called  It shows all the latest trends on Twitter and is very easy to use.  Another cool site is called  Tweet meme is a bit different in that it focuses on the most popular links on Twitter.

Both of these sites are very useful for researching a new blog post idea,  so definitely check them out.

If you find a trending topic on Twitter, or one of the sites listed above, you can simply click on it to find out what people are tweeting about it.  That’s where the real gold is.  You can find out specifically what is so interesting about the current topic, and might even give you enough information to form your own opinion.  Having an opinion on a specific topic is great for writing blog posts.  You can practically write a full blog post in one shot if you have something to say (AKA, an opinion).   It just makes it that much easier.

By checking out the latest Twitter Trends, you should definitely get some fresh ideas for a new blog post.   I like to check out the latest trends at least a couple times per week for some much needed inspiration.  Have you ever used Twitter trends for new blog post ideas?  

What other ways do you use to come up with new ideas?  leave a comment below.


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