How To Write A Guest Post That Blog Owners Can’t Turn Away!


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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you want to start guest blogging you will need to make sure you do it right. You might think that guest blogging will bring you lots of new readers, but this is only going to work if you do it the right way. Before you decide to travel down the road of guest blogging you will need to make sure that your own blog is prepared for all the new traffic it might get.

What your blog should have before starting guest blogging

Your blog will need to have nothing but high quality posts on it. You want to let new readers know that you provide real value and not regurgitated content.

Next you need to make sure that the design is good. You do not want your blog to be hard to navigate.

Lastly, you will want to make sure you have some sort of subscription option so you can build up your list. This should be one of your biggest goals as a guest blogger.

Looking for blogs to guest post on

If you are going to be successful at guest blogging, then you will need to make sure you look for a blog to post on that has an audience just  like yours. If you put guest posts on blogs that are not related to yours, it is not going to bring a lot of new readers to you. If you put posts on a blog that is similar, then you can increase your readership.

How to find blogs that accept guest posts

The best way to get started searching for blogs that accept guest posts for your niche would be to look at some of the blogs you already go to. You can search through some of the comments left on these blogs and click through to other blogs. You can also look at the blogrolls on these other blogs to find some sources. If this does not work for you there are other options.

Searching for blogs that accept blog posts in Google

Here is the best way to find blogs that accept guest posts.

  • First you want to go to Google
  • Next you want to type in keywords with parenthesis around them like “Guest Post”
  • looking for “Guest Bloggers”
  • “This guess post was written”
  • “This guest post is from”
  • “Guest post by”


After this all you have to do is begin the search. What if you want to find only blogs that are good for your niche though? Well all you have to do is insert a few keywords. Here are some examples.

  • Looking for “Guest Bloggers” put a keyword phrase here
  • Wanted: “Guest Bloggers” a keyword phrase here

You are going to have some good ideas coming out of the gate, but these might not be accepted by the blogs you want to post on. You will want to what type of blog posts your host blog is going to accept from you. The best way to do this is to read some posts, look at the style. Are the posts made to be personal, conversational, professional, etc? You need to make sure you understand this.

Writing the blog  posts

It does not matter how many ideas you have for a guest blog post. You will need to make sure that it is something that audience is going to care about. There are some other pointers you need to follow as well.

  • You should make sure the guest post you write is not for something the host blog has written about in the past.
  • You should try to write a post that add  more value to a previous posts on that blog.
  • You should make sure your guest post does not conflict with the what host blogs posts might talk about. This means you can present different viewpoints, but not to the point where you might offend the audience.

You are not done. If you really want to write posts blog owners will not turn away, then you need to make sure you know what has worked for them in the past.


One great way to do this would be for you to scan through some of their old posts. Look to see which ones are the most successful, then see if you can create something that adds something different. Depending on what you are saying a blog owner would  not turn this away. When you see that a blog owner has a lot of followers, you can bet that they are running a serious business. So the guest posts you submit have to be good in order to be presented to the audience.

Checking the blog posts before submitting

It goes without saying that you will want to only submit blog posts that are going to have good grammar and good spelling. There should be no mistakes. So you want to make sure you double check and triple check everything before turning it in.

useful_linksCreating a solid byline with useful post links

When you submit a guest post to any blog, they are going to let you provide a byline for the post. Do not just link to your front page with this, create a short sentence about the primary focus of your blog and leave a link to your best posts. Put a little though into it. Make sure the short byline you leave gets attention. If this part is done right you will have no problems getting your guest posts accepted.

Creating content that counts

In the past you might have focused on writing blog posts that were really short, because you felt this was one of the best ways to ensure they got read. You might have put in some bullet points and that was it. Those days are over. Now your goal has to be creating guest posts that will generate buzz. This is what is known as creating epic content, and you can read about it here CopyBlogger.

Look out for market trends and write about them

Owners of blogs that are looking for guest posts will be far more likely to accept one from you if you are writing about the next big thing. Blog desperately want to be the first to get in on something new. A lot of subjects out there have already been covered to the point of saturation on the large blogs out there.

If you want to write posts that are saying something new, then you need to read niche magazines. You might have to have access to information no one else does. The point is, you would need to look for news in your niche in unconventional ways in order to find new information or something that could be considered ground breaking. If you did and submitted it as a post, there is no way a host blog would turn down the guest post.

As far as the structure of your guest blog posts and other important specifics about them, you need a blue print. One really great source you might want to head to would be Evolveandexpress. They include useful directions and it should serve as a good blueprint for those who want something simple to get them started.

Please share your thoughts about writing quality guest posts, and how much of an impact guest blogging has had for you in the comments below!


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