Is Your Site Optimized For Mobile Devices?

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website not optimized for mobileIf you own a website than you are always looking for ways to get more traffic. Well sometimes the best way to get more traffic would be for you to focus on what is currently in when it comes to traffic generation. What is in right now would be mobile devices. Just about everyone has one, and a lot of them are using them now more than ever to access the internet.

Just how many of your website visitors come from a mobile device? If you were to check out your analytics you might be shocked to see just how quick the number is increasing. If your main aim is to turn these people into paying customers then it is going to be important for your website to be optimize for mobile devices.

What are the main benefits of a site being optimized for mobile devices

Users of mobile devices will have a more successful experience when trying to view your website with their mobile device. You want pleasant visitor experience, because this is what will lead to them coming back. You want your site to be tailored to the particular viewing vehicle they are using.

  • Having your website optimized for mobile devices is going to have a positive effect on your business and it will impact other lines of business as well.
  • Research has shown that about 45% of mobile web users are not likely to return to a website if the have trouble viewing it from their phone. And 57% would not recommend the website. You can avoid this if your website is optimized for mobile devices.
  • You would be tapping into a market that makes up about 50% of the united states. The number of people who access the web with the mobile devices is also expected to increase in the up coming years.

So how do you go about optimizing your website for mobile devices?

If you have not created a website yet, and you want user friendly way to do it, then you might want to check out a few resources. You can read some blog posts discussing mobile site builders such as Dudamobile, which by the way Google happens to be associated with. This site builder will help you to create a mobile friendly website. If you want to know more about Dudamobile you can read Ditesco from iBlogzone.

checklistThe next thing you need to do is check to make sure that your current website, assuming you have one, is not already mobile friendly. In order for a website to qualify as being mobile friendly it has to have some specific attributes such as follows:

  • It must be able to scroll vertically
  • It must be designed for fingers rather than use by a keyboard
  • It has buttons that are finger friendly as well as icons
  • It makes use of tabs or buttons for simple navigation
  • It has less graphics and more content so download speeds are good
  • It can get a user to where they want to be quickly(less than three clicks)

There are very few older website that will meet all these specifics. Older websites tend to have a lot of graphics and rely on sidebars and mouse over actions for users to navigate the site. If a user is in a hurry, these types of websites just will not do.

Checking out your website to see if it is mobile friendly is actually easy to do. All you have to do is get out your smart phone and load up your website. Here is what you are looking for:

  • Does your content display good or bad?
  • Do the pages scroll vertically?
  • It is fast and simple to get to your websites main goal?

Here are 4 WordPress Plugins that will help you to make your WordPress based site mobile friendly.

Did you know that right now there are a lot of WordPress themes that are dedicated to being mobile friendly? If you are not on WordPress you might want to think about using it. There is actually a great article you can read on the subject and learn a lot about the various themes available at TripWire Magazine.

If you are using WordPress and you want to keep the theme you have at the moment, you can. What you can do instead is make use of several plugins that will make your website mobile friendly. Here are a few of the best ones.

WordPress Mobile Pack

wp-mobile-packWordPress Mobile Pack is a easy to use toolkit that will assist you in mobilizing your WordPress based website with no problems. It has a mobile switch users, different themes, widgets, and even a mobile admin pane, which will provide you with different options. Some users might be a little intimidated by it at first, but it provides the end user the ability to pick between mobile or desktop views.

WP Mobile Detector

wp-mobile-detectorWP Mobile Detector is a good plugin for WordPress users. It can instantly detect a standard mobile device or one that is more advanced. Once this happen it displays a WordPress theme that is compatible. It is a very easy way to adjust your website and it includes 9 themes, widgets, and you can also create website in different languages. It will maintain records of access statistics in order to help you know where your traffic is coming from.


WordPress Mobile Edition

WordPress Mobile Edition is a WordPress Plugin that will display an interface that was made for a mobile device. It does this whenever visitors come to your website using any number of mobile devices. Mobile browsers can be detected automatically and the list of browsers can be changed on the settings page. When it comes to installation it is really easy to do.

What do you do if your website gets a high volume of traffic per day? Well there was a WordPress plugin designed specifically for this called WordPress Mobile by Mobify. This powerful plugin  detected mobile devices and then switched them over to the right mobile URL.  mobifyIt has since been switched out witn their new Mobi Platform!  You can sign up for a free account to get started creating and managing your mobile website.

These WordPress plugins are a godsend and if you pick the right way you should not have any problems. You can save yourself a lot of work with these. Just make sure the one you pick is simple to get started with. You do not want the process to be time consuming or for the setup to be code oriented. The plugins mentioned above are all made for easy and fast installation.

You also want whatever plugins you use to offer the end user the option to switch to normal view or desktop view. You want to be sure they are going to work on specific mobile operating systems as well.

Mobile web is the future of the internet, and if you hope to grow a serious business you cannot afford to keep doing things the old way. Optimize your website for mobile web now and start seeing an increase in traffic to your site.

What have you done to make your site more mobile friendly? 

Do you know of any plugins or better options that I may have left out? 

Leave your comment below.


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  1. Suppo Kutti

    nice post! being a seo consultant, I too advice people to have a clean, mobile friendly site as it gives traffic from google because when a user searches google for a specific keyword from a pc and a mobile, the results vary..


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