Keeping Your Readers Engaged by Pushing Their Buttons – Part 2


This is part 2 of a series written by Robin. You can read the first post HERE.

Welcome back and I am glad you unlike the other few people who have gone elsewhere have chose to take the long term profitability of your blog seriously. Maybe the people who read my last post did not feel like I offered enough magic beans to make it worth their while to keep on reading, and they are off to do more productive things like playing on twitter. But not you, you want to know more about what I said in the last posts, and I am going to reward you handsomely for you commitment to take my words seriously. So without further fluff, lets get back into the other three points I was going to make.

Give an opinion that is not welcome or does not sound bright

I know that when people are blogging they assume they have to be an Einstein. People will try to do a lot of research and include a lot of information on a topic that has to do with numbers and research facts. If you are trying to write a research paper then I am sure this will come in handy, but if you are trying to retain visitors to your blogs in the hopes of making money then you will need to be entertaining.

The best way to be entertaining is to say controversial things that will make people disagree with you. You can even say things that do not sound well thought out in the hopes that people will correct you in the comment section. But won’t this make me sound dumb or hurt my credibility? I can hear your thoughts on the other side of this screen asking me, don’t ask me how. And the answer is yes and no.

If you offer an opinion about something, it is your opinion and you have the right to have it no matter how dumb it might sound. If your opinion just so happens to hurt someone’s feelings then let them have at you on your blog, it should make for pretty entertaining reading, and what is better is other people will join in and possibly invite others as well.

Be authentic, meaning do not kiss you know what

I am going to assume that the majority of people hoping to make money blogging have set their sites high. So I am going to assume the majority of you have moved on or will move on to more profitable money making platforms. If this is the case you will need to be a little something I call “authentic”. What does this mean? It means if you are going to write a post about something in the hopes that people will buy said product from you, then you will have to talk to your readers like drunk girls do about guys in the bathroom of a popular nightclub.

You want people to know how you really feel and why you feel that way. Now some of what you say is going to be incongruent with the thoughts of some of your readers, and this may cause them to change their mind about buying. Now before you flame me in the comments section about how this is a bad idea, lets think for a moment.

You are writing a blog post about a product or service. You have said something about a product that has gotten under the skin of the reader. You have talked yourself out of a sale, and now the reader is going to seek kiss ass advice from someone who will tell them all they want to hear. The problem is this person still will not buy, not even from that person. They will use that persons kiss ass content to patch up their feelings and if they buy it will be from someone else.

It is similar to a girl who has broken up with a guy and told him he was a loser. After ten years she has been single for a minute and been dumped on by her last boyfriend. She is in a bad emotional state, and now she goes back to the other guy to have her but kissed. Once her ego and confidence is restored, she will go back to the other guy.

It is the same way with blogging and being authentic. Even though a reader might be mad, they will come back because they know you are being authentic. This means they can trust you, and even if they do not buy what you are promoting at the moment they will buy something else you promote in the future because they know you do not kiss ass.

I have talked far too much in this post, because I want my readers to fully grasp the power of what I am saying. So I will write part three to this post and close this baby out in hard hitting style before I send my fellow bloggers to start tearing it up with the concepts I have outlined so far.

Please leave your comments below, and make sure to look out for the 3rd post in this series, soon  to come!

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