Keeping Your Readers Engaged by Pushing Their Buttons – Part 3

This post is part 3 of 3 in a series written by Robin.

You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.

Welcome to the third floor, I am glad you decided to stay with me for the trilogy of this post. But unlike trilogies such as movies, this one will not suck. Now I was in the middle of outlining some strong points to show you guys, and I cannot forget the girls, that getting peoples panties in a bunch with your posts is a powerful method. I know everyone will not agree, but that opens the door for dialog. See how that works, I did what I am talking about right now. If you disagree with what I have said you will most likely let me know, and I will respond.

The result is that we all learn more and everyone gets a chance to chime in. That of course means you will stay on the site longer, which of course if the key to running a successful blog. Now I am going to make the final point I mentioned in part one of this series so you guys can get on with serious business.

Be as honest as possible, meaning say what you know the reader is thinking

A lot of my fellow bloggers are just stumped when it comes to creating the type of content that will enable them to be successful. What they end up doing is creating artificial sounding content that sounds like it was created for a robot and by a robot. You cannot possibly hope to be successful at making money from blogging this way. What you will need to do is use your posts as mini conversation pieces. This is best done by answering the questions your readers are going to have in the content.

You do this by creating subheadings or writing the very questions and answers within the posts. You will know when there is a question your reader has, because most likely you will have the same questions. By answering them you do not leave your readers with a lot of fluff, and you give them nothing but meat.

Think of it this way, if you were to go into a restaurant to get a sirloin steak, chances are you are probably looking forward to that steak right? Now what if the restaurant manager told you that the wait would be long, and gave you a big basket of bread rolls and a pitcher of water to tide you over until the steak came?

You might eat a few pieces of that bread and drink some water, just enough to lose your appetite for the steak. When it was finally offered you would say you did not want it anymore, because you are full from the bread and water. That’s how it is with your posts, if you leave them with questions they will not care about the answers, because they have already invested all the time and energy they ever will into your content the first time.


Not only is it important to answer any and all questions, but it is important to be as honest as possible with them. This honesty is going to come in the form of your thoughts and opinions about a topic or product. Why is this going to get peoples proverbial panties in a bunch, because sometimes the truth will piss people off. But it is better to do this then to tell people only what you think they want to hear. By the way, whenever you do this you are using the method I outlined earlier, you are using what you feel to be the reader’s thoughts and writing blog posts in accordance to them.

All I want you guys to do is the reverse and answer questions while being honest instead, because it is going to earn you more credibility then doing the ladder.

I offered no magic formula, so I am sure some people are going to be disappointed in what I said here. But believe me, everything I said in this series can help you to attract more readers then you ever thought possible. Forget about being worried about offending anyone, if you are going to be a successful blogger that makes big money on the internet, you are going to have people who will be offended by some of what you say.

The fact that they even care to let you know about it is a testament to your writing ability, because people do not take action on things they do not care about. It is like the girl who complains a guy is a jerk but yet she puts out for him, and the guy who is nice gets no action. One guy is hungry and nice, while the other is a jerk and well fed.

The point is, one person gets people to take action and the other does not. Despite the fact that you might ruffle a few feathers, ultimately you will be ruffling stacks of money if you follow the fine points mentioned in this three part series. -Robin

So what are your thoughts??  Leave them in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Keeping Your Readers Engaged by Pushing Their Buttons – Part 3

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  2. Ben

    I personally don’t like to be so aggressive, but I’ve seen it do wonders for traffic and community participation.


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