Market Samurai Review

Today, I am going to share something with you that has helped my online business tremendously over the past couple of years.

It’s called Market Samurai. Market Samurai was developed by Brent Hodgson & Eugene Ware, using the latest Adobe Air platform. This alone makes their software very reliable, as well as powerful. The main focus of Market Samurai was initially a keyword research software, but it’s actually much more than that. To me, it has been more of a “spy on your competitors and steal their rankings in Google” software.

And when I say that, I’m serious. You can find out exactly how many backlinks your competitors have, what anchor texts they are using, and even find out exactly what position you are in compared to them in the Google rankings for multiple keywords, and in a matter of minutes!

The thing that really stands out with their software, is that it is constantly being updated. They even give free updates which is awesome!

Market Samurai Review

Market Samurai has many uses, so I’m going to start by going over the list of it’s features:

1. Rank Tracker

With the rank tracker feature, you can find out where you and / or your competitors are positioned in the search engines for specific keywords. You can enter as many keywords as you like, as well as compare your websites rankings with as many competitors’ sites as you wish. Once you have it set up (it takes like 3 minutes), you can just run the results again every day to see if either you or your competition have moved up in the Google rankings.

2. Keyword Research Tool

The Market Samurai Research tool puts the regular Google keyword tool to shame! Don’t get me wrong, I still use the Google keyword tool sometimes myself because of how simple it is, but this tool is much more powerful. You can find all kinds of profitable keyword phrases, and even find out approximately how much traffic you’ll receive if you can rank #1 in Google for each phrase using their SEOT column. SEOT stands for “search engine traffic”, and shows what the maximum amount of clicks you’ll likely receive in a day for a #1 ranking.

You can also find out how competetive each keyword is, and whether or not it’s worth going after. Needless to say, the Market Samurai keyword tool is VERY useful for market / keyword research.

3. SEO Competition

Of all the features in this Market Samurai Review, this one is probably my favorite feature one of all. With this feature alone, you can find out what it’s going to take to REALLY compete with your competitors. There are 2 parts to this section that really stand out to me. Those are the PR analysis (Page rank analysis) and the Anchor Text analysis.

The PR analysis shows how many backlinks are coming from each PR1 through PR10 sites, and even shows you the EXACT PAGE they are coming from. This is crazy powerful! I many cases, you can get your links on the same pages as people who are out ranking you! I love this one a lot. Here’s a quick screenshot:

The other really cool part of the SEO Competition feature, is the Anchor Text Analysis tool. This tool is really cool, because it will show you the exact anchor texts that competing websites are using to rank their site high in Google. This is a great way to spy on your competition to know EXACTLY what keywords they are targeting. By now, you should be able to see how insanely powerful Market Samurai is!

Those are pretty much the main 3 features that I use in Market Samurai, but there is still more. Here is a brief overview of the others:

4. Domains

This tool helps you find a brand new domain with your main keyword in it, as well as possible expired domains. If you’re lucky you can discover some really awesome domain names. This is very helpful whan you’re stumped on coming up with a good domain name.

5. Monetization

This feature helps you locate products that you can promote for any given keyword that you have yet to monetize. It’s actually pretty damn cool!

6. Find Content

This feature let’s you see what’s currently being discussed and / or written about related to your keyword. This is great for getting new ideas for your website’s content. Here’s a quick screen shot so you can get the idea:



7. Publish Content

This let’s you publish new content to a WordPress blog without ever leaving Market Samurai!

8. Promotion

This feature actually helps you find places to get backlinks to your website. I love this feature, because backlink building can be a huge pain in the ass. With the promotion module, you can quickly and easily find some free places to get good quality backlinks. Here’s a quick screen shot:

9. Adwords

This feature is still a work in progress, but expect it to be just as powerful as the rest of them! Pretty exciting if you ask me 🙂

Market Samurai Review:


Quick Summary of Market Samurai Pros vs. Cons


– Regular FREE Updates!

Free 30 Day Trial so you’ll get hooked using it! (Download Here)

– Very detailed competition analysis in minutes

– One time fee of (They could easily have made this a monthly service IMO)

– Dedicated staff, and awesome Tutorial Videos!

– Huge community of Market Samurai Users


– When running searches on large amounts of data, it can be slow at times (but usually no more than 5 mins)

– You can only work on one project at a time.

Conclusion of my Market Samurai Review:

Market samurai is hands down my favorite software for internet marketing, and trust me, I have used a lot of different softwares. Anyone who is already using Market Samurai knows how powerful it is for outperforming their competitors websites. If you are doing any sort of SEO without using Market Samurai, then you are severely limiting your potential!

With a 30 day free trial of Market Samurai, you can’t lose. So, is it worth $149? It’s worth way more than that to me. Heck, just one or 2 commissions will pay for it, plus you get free lifetime updates from the developers.

Download your Free 30 Day Trial of Market Samurai Here.

I hope this Market Samurai Review will help you in your decision. Thanks for checking it out, and post your comments below!



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10 thoughts on “Market Samurai Review

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  5. Step by step marketing

    I purchased MS and think it is a very powerful tool in keyword research. It does a whole lot more than that though.
    They constantly update it and improve and add other features.
    There is a learning curve but they do supply some training videos.


  6. Tim Thomas

    Hi there

    I came across this and thought it would be worth commenting.

    I’m sure you know a lot of MS customers have been experiencing issues with key word ranking checks.

    There are some other solid platforms out there; online tools would probably be best as you don’t have to worry about your proxy servers. Analytics SEO, Raven, SEOMoz and WebCEO are a few examples.

    I work for Analytics SEO and we’ve setup a coupon code for market samurai users who have been affected by this issue. We may or may not be what you are looking for – but you can try it for nothing! In fact most tools these days have a free trial. If you want to trial our platform don’t hesitate to get in touch –



  7. Sean

    I have a few days left of my MS demo. I absolutely LOVE it, but don’t make enough money on the web to justify the price just yet. Once I start making money, it’s going to be the first tool I buy. The only gripe I have is that it can lock up quite a bit if you ask it to do too much.


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