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Hourglass to demonstrate time management and social media

3 Things to Remember About Social Media and Time Management

One of my all-time favorite new school books is Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Workweek. Tim has been dubbed a life design expert, offering practical methods for automating the day-to-day so that you can get to the business of living life. As a blogger, you can probably understand when I say that I sometimes struggle to organize a seemingly infinite list of things to do which can eat up my workday and stretch into my very cool weekends.


Yahoo Site Explorer Shut Down. What Are Some Alternatives for Checking Backlinks?

Yahoo Site Explorer has been used as an effective method to check backlinks for six years, but with its demise comes the question of what online marketers are going to do to check their backlinks. Yes, there are some free tools available, but none of the free tools on the market are as extensive as […]


Here’s How to Check Your Rankings for Specific Keywords

How many times have you tried searching your target keyword phrases into Google, just to find out what position your website is currently being ranked at  in the major search engines? I know I used to check my rankings practically all of the time, and I’m assuming some of you are probably in the same […]


Fresh Out of Blog Material? Sites Like Google Trends May Help…

When trying to do market research, or come up with a new blog post,  it’s always a good idea to browse through the current trends online. There are many different venues for this such as eBay Pulse ,, Yahoo Buzz, or my favorite – Google Trends. Google Trends is a really neat tool for […]