Methods for Brainstorming New Blog Ideas

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Getting guest blog posts to be meaningful and worthwhile is a bigger task than most think it is. In this overly stimulating realm of social media and growing technology that we live in it can sometimes be hard to narrow in on a topic of discussion that people will want to read about. Brainstorming to try to generate new and relevant topics is the best way to do it. Here are some tips I use to start writing; and I mean really writing, none of that blasé content creation just to get links up on random pages:

  • Questions Generate Answers: Sometimes getting a good topic idea starts with questioning the things that you want to know more about. This is not only a good way to pick a topic, but it’s a great way to answer questions that you and your audience are asking.
  • Switch Viewpoints: Now, let’s say you have formulated strong opinions on subjects of interest…even if you are passionate in your viewpoint, a great way to make new content and gain insight, is to take the other side of the argument. Know your competition and your opposition. This will strengthen any subsequent arguments you make on your original opinion.
  • Be a Little Risky: It’s not a bad thing to write provocative content. Toeing the line is a good thing for you as a writer, and for your readers. It ignites mental fires for writers and readers alike, to write on a topic that has an obvious division of followers—likers and haters, if you know what I mean.
  • Change the Rules: Most guest post sites or opportunities have some serious guidelines that you need to adhere to, but try and bend the rules a little. If you have awesome content, sometimes guest blogs will still approve you because your writing is awesome. Keep being awesome, and you will find blogs that want to post your writing.
  • Organize Your Ideas: A really great way to brainstorm new topics is actually writing it out. In our internet world, we are moving paperless, which is totally radical (don’t get me wrong) but that doesn’t mean a whiteboard isn’t available. Try drawing it out, start with broad topics and narrow them down as you keep thinking.
  • Put Your Heads Together: Good ideas don’t have to be all your own, ask others for their opinions and thoughts. You’d be surprised at how many light bulbs will start to flick on in your head when you listen to other people.


These tips are always my go-to when I’m having a little writers block. There’s so much stimulating information around the web these days that it’s almost impossible to start writing and create a piece of content that people want to read. After you’ve done your brainstorming, you may find that you can stock-pile a plethora of great ideas for successive blog posts. That’s a totally separate topic, but if you can find a way to write blogs that coincide with each other, you could start something viral!

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11 thoughts on “Methods for Brainstorming New Blog Ideas

  1. Kalen

    Cool ideas Molly! I would be careful with the part about generating risky content though. Don’t get me wrong, it can be a great idea. however, you need to make sure that you understand the risks. Provocative is fine for some niches, but you don’t want to do something that destroys your business.

  2. HP van Duuren

    Thanks for your post Molly Otto,

    I like the idea about using Questions to Generate Answers, How about Asking the Question

    What Makes a Home Business
    a – Happy – One….?

    • HP van Duuren

      Btw. I also recently created a Special
      Page where you can find a Link List

      with Answers to Questions.

      And it goes without saying that it’s also possible to simply ask Questions by writing Comments on Blogposts

  3. Julie

    I really like your point on switching viewpoints, sometimes it’s the only way to get out of stuck, if we step out of our comfort zones.

  4. Ashleen Moreen

    Hi there! Thanks for sharing your ideas here and I am happy to know this. I agree with you in organizing your ideas. Thanks!

  5. Jenny

    Here is another one, create a fixed posting schedule, otherwise you will lose frequency and will end up stop posting.

  6. Anna

    Such a nice list of useful tips! I really agree with being risky sometimes, not only because of ‘no risk – no fun’, but if we won’t take the risk any time, there wouldn’t be any great success reached.

  7. Lincoln Lim

    Excellent methods. I always keep a look out for new ideas and ways to brainstorm so that I can refer to them when I get writers block lol. I agree with your 3rd point on being a little risky, even though it may anger some individuals, but at least it generates discussion and buzz.


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