My “Top 5” Favorite Domain Name Search Tools

domain name extension .com
domain name extension .com

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Once you have a general idea of the type of blog/website you want to create, it’s time to start focusing on finding the perfect domain name.  Of course, if you plan to have a personal blog, it’s a good idea to try to get your own name for your domain name.  Either that, or come up with a brandable persona that people can relate to.  If your blog is more niche specific, and not necessarily personal, you may want to consider using your main keyword in the domain name.

There are a lot of factors that go into selecting the perfect domain name, but theres one thing that stands out the most.  Will people remember it? Your domain name must be easy to remember and/or brandable.  It’s also in most cases important to choose a domain with a .com extension.

Is it the end of the world if you don’t use a .com?  No, but if someone else has the same name as you, theirs with a .com and yours with a .net, there’s a good chance when they type in your domain later that they will actually type in the other person’s domain name.  It’s the most widely used extension in the entire world.  Yes, there are some very successful bloggers using other extensions, but it can be a factor, and you should at least put that into consideration before going all in.

So, assuming that you have a plan for your blog, it’s time to find that perfect domain name.  Now, you could sit there and write a big list of potential domain names, and then check to see if they are taken (one by one), but that takes too much time and doesn’t exactly help you get any fresh ideas. the best option is to use some of the various domain search tools that are available.  These tools help you find available domain names according to your specifications.  You’ll even get some ideas that you may not have thought of.

Below is a list of 5 domain search tools that I have regularly used in the past.

They all have their own pros and cons, but they are all useful. Hopefully this will help you in your domain name search.

bust a nameThis one so far is my favorite domain name search tool. You simply type in a few words, and then narrow down the results using their various options such as adding a popular prefix or suffix to your results. It’s very straight forward to use, which is what i like most. It even give you ideas on where to register your domain name once you find the one you want. However, I will always recommend as it’s my favorite 🙂


domains botWith this tool, you simply type in a domain name you’d like to have, or at least one with your main keywords in it, and it will instantly start showing you results. It also automatically creates synonyms of each keyword in your search. You can easily narrow down your results by using their various options. Domains Bot is very easy to use, and I definitely recommend using it.



stuck domainsThis site helps you find domain names that have expired in the past.  The user interface is friendly, and the site is fairly easy to use.  Choosing an expired domain name can be good or bad.  Good because if someone else took the time to register it in the past, there’s a good chance that you will find a real gem.  It can be bad in the case that Google had banned that specific domain name from their search engine.

You can check if a domain name was banned or not by using one of these tools:

Is banned Search Tool or Banned Check Search Tool
name stationThis is a very popular site. One downfall is that you must sign up to use it. Luckily, it’s easy since you can use Facebook to sign up if you choose. So, what exactly is Well here’s directly from their website:

 [quote]NameStation is a website for finding name ideas and available domains. People can get name suggestions, feedback and ratings from their friends. Businesses can collaborate, hold Name Contests and offer awards.[/quote]


domains pigeon new logoNow called, this search tool is unique in that it helps you find a domain name with a corresponding available Twitter ID.  this is great, because it’s always a good idea to have matching social media accounts to go along with your domain name. You simply search for your desired domain name, and a ton of similar results will show up. If it’s highlighted in green, then you’ll know that it’s available.  When you click on a specific result, it will let you know if that same name is available on Twitter, as well as if it appears to be trademarked.   This is a great spin on domain search tools.  Don’t skip this one!

Well, those are my top 5 domain name search tools that I keep in my bookmarks folder.  I have found some really awesome domain names that have worked out very well in my favor.  Most of the ones I have found were unregistered, but I also found some top level domain names that I purchased for a reasonable price.

Before you just go out and buy a domain name, do your research! you might be missing out on something spectacular!

What tools do you use when searching for a domain name? I am always open to testing out some new tools and or methods! Leave me a comment below, and share with us…

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One thought on “My “Top 5” Favorite Domain Name Search Tools

  1. Sire

    The only time I ever bothered to actually take the time to work out what would be a good domain name was when I started my lotto site. The name I settled on was related to online lotteries and so it was a purely a SEO decision.

    Every other time I just picked names that I liked. I didn’t use any of the services you mentioned in your post, but I reckon I try them out the next time 😉


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