Outsourcing Report


Inside this 100% Fluff-Free ‘easy to absorb’ Report, You’ll Discover…

  • Why you are severely limiting your success by not outsourcing at least some of your online business
  • What tasks you can and should be outsourcing if you want to finally take your online business to the next level, and quit spinning your wheels…
  • Why NOT all outsourcers are created equal! I’ll explain the different forms of outsourcing, and show you EXACTLY what has worked for me!
  • Why Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be a HUGE mistake! (Unless you’re prepared ahead of time) I’ll show you what obstacles to avoid, and how to hire a V.A. the RIGHT way, and how to properly train your new employee to ensure your success…
  • My proven Blueprint to hiring the best freelancers and virtual assistants possible (I wish someone shared these things with me when I first got started! I would have saved thousands of dollars…)
  • What to know about hiring Freelance workers on a job to job basis. (I’ll show my proven steps to save money AND time by avoiding disasterous jobs that can take months to complete!)
  • Some really powerful forms of outsourcing that amazingly not many people are using to their advantage!
  • The tools, websites, and resources I personally use to get stuff done!
  • Plus lots of other great tips to help you expand even further!