Re-Purpose Your Content on These Massive Authority Sites

Re-purposing Content

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Re-purposing Content

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Simply posting your blog posts to your blog isn’t enough to get the traffic “snow ball” rolling.

This is especially true if you’re just starting out, and trying to grow your reader base.  You will need to proactively go out there and get your content noticed.  In this post I want to share a very simple method to get more exposure to your blog posts.

Have you ever heard of  Most people think it is just a place where people can share their powerpoint slide presentations,  but there is more to it than that.   You can actually  share PDF documents as well, and with hundreds of thousands of visits every month, you’re sure to get some extra attention to your content.   You see, is a very high-traffic website, and has a Google Page rank of PR8!   Since it’s free to upload .pdf documents, all you have to do now, is convert your blog posts into PDF’s and upload them!  If the content you upload is really good, people who find it on Slideshare will likely click links in your nelwy updated document, or even click to see your slideshare profile where you can have a link back to your website.

But I don’t know how to convert my blog posts to PDF’s…

No problem..  Converting your blog posts to PDF’s is very easy to do.  One option is to use a WordPress plugin such as “WP Post to PDF” which also allows your visitors to download your post as a PDF.   But, I like to just copy my blog post into Microsoft Word, and then simply save it as a PDF.

Some Quick Tips Before You Save it as a PDF:

  • Make sure you  have links back to your blog, as well as your specific blog post inside the PDF!
  • If you have a call to action for people to leave comments, you should also add a link to your comment section at the bottom of your PDF.  You can do this (if using WordPress) by adding /#comments to the end of your blog post URL
  • You can also add a “footer” with a link to your website to ensure that every page of your PDF has links pointing back to you.
  • Consider adding a full call-to-action page at the end enticing people to visit your website, or even a squeeze page where they can opt-in for more related content or freebie.

NOTE:  If you don’t have MS Word, you can also do this with Google Docs, and Open Office which are both free options.

What About Duplicate Content?

To be honest, I wouldn’t even worry about it. Your content is just that, YOUR content.  Plus it will be posted on your blog FIRST, therefore should be indexed on your site first.   Plus, even if Google see’s it on Slideshare as the original copy,  it will be linking directly to your original blog post (and from an authority site that is PR8).  Google is smart enough to know that it’s your content, plus the extra exposure you’re getting to your content makes it well worth doing.  Even if your slideshare document outranks your actual blog post,  you are still getting the traffic and attention.

But that’s not all.  You SHOULD also create power point style slides with your best blog posts.  You can add images, main bullet points and more.   This way you can get exposure from both angles.  If you don’t have Microsoft powerpoint, or any presentation software, OpenOffice also allows you to do this, and like I said before, it’s free.

Now, as powerful as Slideshare is to get more exposure to your blog posts, there’s an equally powerful website that deals specifically in PDF documents.

The site is called and works very similarly.   Al though I haven’t fully utilized Scribd yet, (I definitely plan to!) It is also a high-traffic site with a lot of active users and is also PR8 Google page rank!   I suggest taking all of your best blog posts and creating slides and PDF’s out of them and submitting them to both sites.  You can also easily have this outsourced pretty cheap, in case you don’t want to do it yourself.

Side Note:  If you’re new to outsourcing I give some great tips in my free report here: 
Download – Outsourcing Simplified

So, have you tried re-purposing and submitting your content in different forms (such as PDF’s) for more traffic and exposure?

Please take a minute and share with us in the comments  any other methods you’ve tried! (Video, PDF, Podcast, etc…)

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3 thoughts on “Re-Purpose Your Content on These Massive Authority Sites

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  2. Devesh

    Excellent post, Ben.

    I have used an existing a few times to get links from Web 2.0 sites and it works well.

    Thanks for sharing this great article, Ben. Keep up the good work.



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