Rules For Creating Your Contact Page

Creating a good contact page is what will separate your business website from the other business websites out there. Even if you are not running a business website, having a good contact form is vital in order to make people feel comfortable doing anything with you that will require time or money. Use these tips to create a contact page that will not only be good, but impressive.

Make communication easy on the contact page

You do not want a contact page that requires people to jump through too many hoops to get to you. You want your visitors to have an easy method of communication. You might leave an email for them to use or you might provide contact information through your social networking accounts.

Provide a list of different contact numbers and emails

You do not want to leave just one means of communication on your contact page. What you want to do is have contact information for different departments of your business. Even if you have a web based business you want to have different emails and phone numbers for different concerns. When someone goes to the contact page, they should not feel confused as to what contact info to use for a specific purpose.

Provide typical information

A professional looking contact page should have a street address, especially if you run a offline business. You should provide a mobile phone number, a landline number, a customer care number, different social media contact information, and possibly Skype. The more means you have for people to reach you the better they will feel about you.

Make sure your contact page looks professional

You might not be able to create the professional looking contact page you want, so it might be a good idea to get some help. Not too worry, you can decide to hire professionals who will help you make your contact page look impressive. People will be turned off by an unprofessional contact page.

Make sure your contact page has special information on it

Sometimes you might have a website that deals with offline personal get togethers. If this is the case it might be a good idea to inform people of this on the contact page. You can list information about seminars, webinars, tutorials, and other promotional events you might be having.

Add multiple contact links on your page

When people come to your website they do not want to have to go all the way down to find the contact us button. It may be a good idea for you to add a contact button at the top of the page and at the bottom of your home page. This way people who are busy will not get frustrated trying to find the button.

Make sure you mention when people can expect to hear back from you

If you really want to encourage people to use your contact page, then you have to make sure you let them know when they can expect to hear back from you. You may have different response times depending on how you are contacted. Make sure to list this, it shows that you respect the other persons time. People will also be able to look out for the response and be ready for it.

Tell people how they should send information

Your contact page needs to be specific about how you would like people to send information. You must make sure you tell them to be concise and to the point. You need to know exactly what information they need or what problems they are having. The more information you have the first time the easier and faster you will be able to respond to them. Unclear information will mean you having to ask for more details, which will only delay things further.

Your contact page is important, and you want people to use it. If you do a lot of business offline this is even more important. It is going to impact how people see your business and if they take you seriously or not. So be sure to follow these basic rules, and make sure you respond to questions with professionalism no matter what the question might be.

Got more information about what a contact page should have? Share with the community so we can all stay in the know.

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5 thoughts on “Rules For Creating Your Contact Page

  1. Anna

    I was consider it to try some CONTACT plugin because I am not sure if I have the skills to do a Contact page. However now, even with a plugin, it doesn’t sound easier…

  2. Loldri

    I dont know how much truth there is in this but I also read that google uses the details on the contact us page to see if the company or organization has a physical presence and this might add more weight to search results?

    • Josh

      Its’ not so much that they read the contact page but more that they look to see that you have one and have actual contact information on it.
      It’s part of their terms of serice (T.O.S.) for adwords that you have a legit contact page with your info on it. So yes, they do count that into their rankings.

      Of course as with everything with google this is just from what I’ve heard and my own personal experience. Google is known for how secretive they are with what they use in their ranking algorithms.

  3. Rajkumar Jonnala

    Hi Robin,

    Great tips, i would say we must use special information on contact page as you have mentioned in above post. But maximum blogger would use a plug for contact page.


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