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Everything counts! – Using Every Available Resource to Get More Traffic.

How with no SEO experience I’m using any and every way to make it big. A little bit jaded with my current job I summed up my life experiences and skills a little over six months ago and thought to myself: “What can I actually do well?” I’m sure many of you have been there […]


Traffic Tuesday – 5 Plugins To Get More Traffic

There are many plugins you can use for your blog that add functionality to help you in these two areas but in this post I wanted to focus on 5 of my favorite traffic getting plugins that I’ve gotten the best results from. When talking about getting traffic to your blog you can break it […]


The Most Effective Way To Use Social Media In Order To Drive More Traffic

Social media is dominating our lives these days, and it seems like it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Seeing as how we can expect social media to be apart of our lives for quite some time to come, it is only beneficial for use to learn how to fully incorporate it into our lives. […]